Pokhara University has released a notice regarding Scholarships provided for the MBA, MCIS, and MHCM programs.

Notice Date: Last updated Dec 13, 2022

The scholarship is awarded to students who have joined post-graduate programs such as MBA, MCIS, and MHCM by the college affiliated with Pokhara University. For the MBA, MCIS, and MHCM post-graduate programs at Pokhara University’s Faculty of Management Studies, the list of candidates who will be given scholarships has been made public.

More about the List of MBA, MCIS, and MHCM programs, as well as scholarships offered by Pokhara University.

Candidates from the School Sector-Public who passed the scholarship test for the MBA/MCIS/MHCM program through the Faculty of Management Studies’ August 2022 session completed their studies on 18 Kartik 2079 and were assigned to a schedule and college. A list of the attached Wamojim Scholarship Rules Award List has been made available on the university’s website, www.pu.edu.np, for the advantage of all parties.

The notice says,

  • “Candidates on the Scholarship Awarded List will get a second letter shortly after the inquiry period advising them of the deadline for applying to the appropriate academic programs and institutions.”
  • “Any time throughout the investigation, candidates on the Scholarship Awarded List will have their names removed from consideration for the scholarship if the documents they submitted were found to be fake.”
  • “Until Mangsir 21, 2079, questions on the published Scholarship Awarded List may only be directed to this contact number, 9856061666, between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. According to the guidelines, only appropriate and required issues should be the subject of inquiries. The selection committee reserves the right to correct any errors or inaccurate information that appears on the published Scholarship Awarded List.”

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