Scooter is another very famous two-wheeler in Nepal. This two-wheeler popular especially among women and in recent years we see many men also riding it. Previously electric scooters were not very popular but recently, people have started using electric scooters especially after frequent fuel shortage.

We have listed out the latest price for NIU scooters, Honda scooter price in Nepal, electric scooter in Nepal, Vespa scooter, Yamaha scooter, Aprilia scooter, dio scooter, fascino scooter price in Nepal. On this article, you will find the price of popular scooters today in Nepali Market.

Among the means of transportation that are available in the market of Nepal, scooters are being popular means of transportation. Among the means of private vehicles like 4 wheelers and 2 wheelers that are available in the market 2 wheeler are more popular than 4 wheeler vehicles. These days scooter is the first choice of the ordinary people. Boys also love to ride a scooter. These days we see the scooter in the street of Nepal more than cars and bikes. There is a different reason for being the scooter more popular than bike and cars. Some of the reason for being scooter popular is listed below:

  1. Scooter is popular in Nepal because of the price that is cheaper than that of the other means of vehicles like cars and motorbike. It is also cheaper and at the same time, they are easy and faster to ride.  We see the scooter of different brand and companies like Mahindra, Vespa, Honda, Yamaha Fascino, Aviator and many more. According to the brand and the feature, the price of the scooter ranges from 1.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs.
  2. Among the various reason for the scooter to become popular the other reason is low maintenance and running.
  3.  The reason behind the scooter to be popular in the street of Nepal and especially in the busy cities like Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Pokhara and so on are due to the easy park. The size of the scooter does not occupy more space and one can easily park scooter anywhere in comparison to the cars and other heavy vehicles.
  4. In the same way, the scooter is easy to ride. Most, man, women and even the teenagers can ride it as it is easy to operate and light in weight in comparison to other private vehicles, even bikes.
  5. Being the smallest vehicle it fits anywhere even on the road and can be ridden easily which can save your lot of time and help you reach your office, work or school in time. In the busy city traffic, we can use a scooter to be safe from the traffic jam and to be at your destination on time.

Apart from easy parking, time-saving, cheaper to afford, and so on, it is also fun in riding the scooter. It is much more fun to ride the scooter in an open fresh air and to take it in any sort of the road, at any time of the day. We can also make a plan to go for a long fun ride with our friends and beloved one. Everyone loves to ride the scooter as they are lightweight and has a kind of comfort in it.

There is a different scooter that is available in today’s Nepalese market. There are many showrooms of the scooter and bikes where we can see the scooter of the latest model and with the latest features. Some of the scooters that are popular among the people of Nepal are listed below with their price.

Honda DIO

Honda DIO scooters are the most popular in Nepal. It is considered to be the best brand scooter as the resale value of this scooter is better than that of any other scooter. There is no competitor for this scooter in Nepal in this perspective and is considered as the most successful scooter to the date. The price of this scooter is quite reasonable in comparison to other scooters. The scooter price in Nepal cost only NPR 182,900 only. It is affordable to the people and has better feature. So it deserves to be number one Scooty in the market of Nepal.

Hero Pleasure

The other scooter that is found in the Nepali market today is a pleasure. This is a second highest scooter that is found and ridden in the street. These scooters are popular due to slim and light weighted in comparison to Honda DIO. As it is good looking, has better function and cheaper in price, it has gained the popularity in the Nepali market. The feature that is found on this scooter is stunning meter console, boot light in luggage box, tubeless tyre, etc. Along with this feature, the scooter price in Nepal cost is also minimal that is Rs. 1,62,000 only.

TVS Jupiter

In the same way, the third popular scooter in the market is TVS Jupiter in Nepal. TVS is known for its stylish and a racing ready Apache bike in the motorbike market. This scooter is not popular only in Nepal but also liked by many countries of South Asia as it has been providing a better mileage of 62 Kmpl. In the same way, other additional features of this scooter are it comes with 110cc, produces 8.2 ps of power at 7500 rpm and many more. The scooter price in Nepal is also less, it cost only Rs. 1,72,900.


These scooters are also from the Honda company. As we know Honda has good experience in introducing the new technology in the scooter which is Honda eco-technology which improves your fuel efficiency and provide a better mileage of more than 60 km/litre. The other features that are available in this Honda Aviator are comfortable upright sitting posture, graceful alloys and telescope suspension and many more. The cost of this scooter is higher than that of the pleasure and TVS Jupiter. The Scooter price in Nepal cost is Rs. 1,83,900.

Yamaha ray ZR

The other scooter that conquers the Nepali market is known other than Yamaha ray ZR which was made on the concept of next-generation boys choice. It has a newly designed and has a sense of dynamism and layered form which has provided the fresh look like no other scooter has expressed it earlier. Along with this, there are many other features in this scooter such as a large front pocket, key shutter locking system, and many more which has made this scooter to be a popular scooter in Nepal. Along with this, the price of this scooter is also affordable by the people of Nepal. This scooter costs around Rs. 1,91,900 only.

Hero dash lx

Hero brand has achieved a lot of success in the scooter market by launching a Hero Dash lx scooter. With this scooter, they have added a completely new look and also added the many new features than they have in their old version scooter, which include the external fuel tank, anti-theft immobilizer system, always headlight on, mobile charging socket, and many more. Its price looks reasonable that is Rs. 1,67,500 only.

Mahindra Gusto    

In the same way there Are many other scoter that are available in the Nepali market out of which some are very successful in gaining the market share whereas some other couldn’t get the proper market even though they have the best scooter and best feature due to other factors like lack of marketing high-cost price and many more.

One of the scooters which could not be very popular is Mahindra Gusto. Well, Mahindra which is very popular bike company couldn’t do better with the scooter but is still in the scooter category due to this scooter. As company describe this Gusto scooter as bike like feature having scooter rider can decide whether it is true or false. It cost around Rs. 1,79,000.


Wego scooter is made by the TVS company. A rider can choose a variety of two-colour Dual tone Blue, midnight black, cappuccino brown, volcano red, mercury grey, electric green and sporty white or more. The cost of the scooter is Rs. 1,73,900. The fuel capacity is 5 litres. This 109.7 cc scooter, has a tubeless/alloy wheels tyres. A service reminder, low battery indicator, fuel gauge with low fuel indicator, trip-meter, odometer and digital clock are the part of Wego. The scooter is suitable for both girls and boys.


Fassino is a stylish scooter from the Yamaha. The price of the scooter is NRs. 1,92,900/-. This 113 cc Sooty gives a mileage of 65 Kmpl. So you don’t have to worry about the fuel and it is worth travelling to a distant place in it. Top speed of 80 Kmph and fuel tank capacity of 5.2 litres makes it more genuine. The scooter weighs around 103 kg.


Vespa is a popular but costly scooter in our country, Nepal. The cost of Vespa LX 125 (2017 Edition) scooter is around Rs. 2,39,946 which is very expensive in comparison to other scooters like DIO, pleasure and many more. Vespa LX 125 has an engine displacement of 125ccc with the power 9.76 BPH @ 7500 rpm and the torque of 10.6 Nm @ 6000 rpm. It gives a mileage 50 Kmpl on average. The gear system is automatic. Wheels type is 3 spoke alloy wheels which looks cool and it has a fuel tank which has a capacity of 7 litres.

Electric Scooter price in Nepal

  • NIU N1s: With a 400 W power train and 29Ah 60V battery it gives a range of 80 km. The battery charging time is from 5 to 8 hrs and you can go for days. It is currently priced at Rs 1,98,888.
  • Vmoto Emax V100s: With its 72 V 40 Ah Lead Acid Battery once you charge it for 5-7 hrs it gives you a range of 110 km. The scooter is priced at Rs 2,50,000.
  • Vmoto Emax V100L: With 72 V 40 Ah Lithium Battery it gives a range of 120 km with 4 to 5 hrs charging time. It is available in the market at a price of Rs 2,60,000.
  • Hero Electric Photon: The electric photon form hero has 1000 Watt Motor and 48 v 33 Ah battery that gives you a range of 65 km once charged for 6 to 8 hrs. The current market price is Rs 160,000.
  • Hero Electric E sprint: Honda electric E sprint is one of the cheapest electric scooters that you can get at a price of Rs 1,35,000. With a battery of 48 V 33 Ah Battery, it gives a range of 50 k once charged for 5 to 8 hrs.
scooter price in nepal

Honda Scooter price in Nepal

  • Honda Dio

Honda Dio is the most popular scooters in Nepal. With an engine displacement of 109.19 cc and mileage of 55 km-pl it is definitely the top choice of Nepalese Customers. The current market price of this scooter is Rs 1,80,900.

  • Honda Aviator

It is another very popular scooter in Nepal. It has a four-stroke single-cylinder engine and gives mileage of 65 km-pl. The current market price is Rs 1,90,900.

Vespa scooter price in Nepal

When we talk about comfort and style, Vespa is the name that comes to everyone’s mind. Vespa is especially among youths both boys and girls. The price of different ranges of Vespa is listed as:

  • Vespa Vxl 125

The Italian inspired design with those wide tyres is what makes Vespa Vxl 125 stand out. With an engine displacement of 125 cc it’s currently priced at Rs 2,95,946.

  • Vespa VXl 150

The Vespa Vxl 150 resembles the design of old school Vespa. It has an engine displacement of 150cc with a mileage of 45 kmpl, it is priced at Rs 3,20,946.

  • Vespa Elegante

The elegant is again inspired by the design of Vespa Vxl 150. It has an engine displacement of 150 cc and gives a mileage of 50kmpl. It is priced at Rs 3,59,946.

 Yamaha Scooter price in Nepal

Yamaha is another fastest growing brand in the scooter segment with over 25% market share in a span of just over 2 years. Yamaha Fascino is the most popular one.

Scooter Ranges  Price (NRS )
Yamaha Fascino1,94,900
Yamaha Ray Z1,78,900
Yamaha Ray ZR Disc1,96,900
Yamaha Ray ZR Drum1,89,900

Aprilia Scooter price in Nepal

Aprilia scooters have just started creating a buzz in the market. The Aprilia SR 150 being its popular range which combines the feel of a sports bike with the comfort of use of a scooter. Currently, the market price of Aprilia SR 150 is NRs 2,54,946.

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