Scooter is another very famous two wheeler in Nepal. This two wheeler popular specially among women and in recent years we see many men also riding it. Previously electric scooters were not very popular but recently, people have started using electric scooters specially after frequent fuel shortage. We have listed out latest price for NIU scooters, Honda scooter price in Nepal, electric scooter in Nepal, vespa scooter, Yamaha scooter, aprilia scooter, dio scooter, fascino scooter price in Nepal. On this article you will find price of popular scooters today in Nepali Market.

Electric Scooter price in Nepal

  • NIU N1s: With a 400 W power train and 29Ah 60V battery it gives range of 80 kms. The battery charging time is from 5 to 8 hrs and you can go for days. It is currently priced at Rs 1,98,888.
  • Vmoto Emax V100s: With its 72 V 40 Ah Lead Acid Battery once yu charge it for 5-7 hrs it gives you range of 110 kms. The scooter is priced at Rs 2,50,000.
  • Vmoto Emax V100L: With 72 V 40 Ah Lithium Battery it gives range of 120 kms with 4 to 5 hrs charging time. It is available in market at price of Rs 2,60,000.
  • Hero Electric Photon: The electric photon form hero has 1000 Watt Motor and 48 v 33 Ah battery that gives you range of 65 kms once charged for 6 to 8 hrs. The current market price is Rs 160,000.
  • Hero Electric E sprint: Honda electric E sprint is one of the cheapest electric scooter that you can get at a price of Rs 1,35,000. With a battery of 48 V 33 Ah Battery it gives range of 50 k once charged for 5 to 8 hrs.

scooter price in nepal

Honda Scooter price in Nepal

  • Honda Dio

Honda dio is the most popular scooters in Nepal. With engine displacement of 109.19 cc and mileage of 55 km-pl it is definitely the top choice of Nepalese Customers. The current market price of this scooter is Rs 1,80,900.

  • Honda Aviator

It is another very popular scooter in Nepal. It has four stroke single cylinder engine and gives mileage of 65 km-pl. The current market price is Rs 1,90,900.

Vespa scooter price in Nepal

When we talk about comfort and style, vespa is the name that comes to everyone’s mind. Vespa is specially among youths both boys and girls. The price of different ranges of vespa is listed as:

  • Vespa Vxl 125

The Italian inspired design with those wide tyres is what makes vespa Vxl 125 stand out. With an engine displacement of 125 cc it’s currently priced at Rs 2,95,946.

  • Vespa VXl 150

The vespa Vxl 150 resembles the design of old school vespa. It has an engine displacement of 150cc with mileage of 45 kmpl, it is priced at Rs 3,20,946.

  • Vespa Elegante

The elegante is again inspired by the design of vespa Vxl 150. It has engine displacement of 150 cc and gives a mileage of 50kmpl. It is priced at Rs 3,59,946.

 Yamaha Scooter price in Nepal

Yamaha is another fastest growing brand in scooter segment with over 25% market share in a span of just over 2 years. Yamaha Fascino is the most popular one.

Scooter Ranges  Price (NRS )
Yamaha Fascino1,94,900
Yamaha Ray Z1,78,900
Yamaha Ray ZR Disc1,96,900
Yamaha Ray ZR Drum1,89,900

Aprilia Scooter price in Nepal

Aprilia scooters have just started creating a buzz in the market.The Aprilia SR 150 being its popular range which combines the feel of a sports bike with comfort of use of a scooter. Currently the market price of Aprilia SR 150 is NRs 2,54,946.

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