Hello, SEE graduates. Here is the good news for you. Well, you may be preparing best for your upcoming SEE exam and to make you well prepared, here are the top 5 tips for you. We hope these tips will help you to achieve your goal.

Set a Goal

set a goal for SEE exam

One of the big mistakes SEE graduates have is they never set their target.  Setting a goal is one of the first steps towards success because you will be prepared based on your goal. Remember that your mind works based on your thought. If your target is high, then your mind will work hard to achieve it while if it is low then your mind will prepare less. So, always set your goal to a high level whether it is SEE or anything in your life near future. Don’t worry about the result.

To set a Goal, understand SEE grading System in detail

In the past years, it was compulsory to secure good grades (percentage) in every subject to study good courses at the higher secondary level, but with the introduction of the grading system, the national examination board has also implemented new arrangements for the recruitment of subjects only to bring certain grades to certain subjects. Some academics are criticizing it as the degree of student classification. Students’ ability to read this subject, based on the examination, can not understand the attitude of the student. Educationist Vidyanyath Koirala says – The previous percentage system was said to have brought classification discrimination among students, but today the pattern for choosing subjects based on grading has brought more classification and discrimination.

With the SEE board going to the grading system, it has implemented the new system to study science only by bringing a GPA of more than 2. According to this system with a minimum GPS of 2, a student can apply for Science. Including this, a student must secure a minimum of C+ in Science and Mathematics, at least C in English, and at least a D+ grade in Social Studies and Nepali and will be eligible to study Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics or Computer Science in class 11.

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To be eligible to study in class 11, one must secure a minimum of 1.6 GPA in the SEE exam. Furthermore to study the desired subject 1.6 GPA is not sufficient. You must secure specified grades in particular subjects. Generally, if you secure C grades in Science, Math, and English, D+ in Social and Nepali, with an average GPA of 1.6, then also you can study Zoology, Botany, Electrical, Civil or Computer engineering after your +2 .

On the other hand, if you secure a GPA of 1.6 with at least C in Math, D+ in English, Nepali,  Science, and Social then you will be eligible to study Mathematics,  Accounting, Computer Science, Teaching Mathematics, Elements of Science, Astrology, Business Mathematics, Cooperative Management, Business Studies, Geography and Psychology.

To study the subject of education (I.Ed.), the students will have to obtain at least C in Science and Math and at least D+ in English, Nepali and Social Studies.

Subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Teaching Science will be considered eligible for study only when the first criteria are fulfilled.

Similarly, if you secure C in English, D+ in Nepali and Social Studies, then you will be eligible to study English, Alternative English, Teaching English and other language subjects.

According to the criteria set by the National Examination Board (NEB), to study Mass Communication, Hotel Management and, Travels and Tourism you must secure C in English, D+ in Nepali, Math and Social Studies.

If you secure C in Nepali, D+ in English and Nepali then you will be eligible to study Nepali and teach Nepali in +2.

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According to the Board, if you secure C in Social Studies, D+ in English and Nepali, then you can study Political Science, History, Culture, Home Science, Sociology, Philosophy, Library, and Infrastructure Science in class 11.

Furthermore, if you secure C in Environment and Population education, D+ in Science, Nepali and English then you will be able to study Introduction to Education, Infrastructure Pediatrician, Health and Physical Education, and Population and Environmental Education.

And if you secure D+ in English, Nepali, and Social, then you can study Human Welfare Education, General Law, Sanskrit, Grammar, Literature, Justice, Veda, Psychology, Buddhist Education, etc.

Students interested in studying different languages compulsorily need to bring D+ in English. You will be able to study different language subjects like Maithili, Hindi, Nepali, French, Japanese, Urdu, German, Chinese, and other languages with this grade.

Similarly, D+ must be brought to English to study subjects such as Dance, Music, Sculpture, Applied Arts, and Sports.

Furthermore, the third-grade graduate is difficult to get into college. Such students should create an opportunity to learn vocational skills.

Planning and execution

Planning for SEE examination

The second most important part is to prepare plans and execute them. Almost every student do the first phase of planning but most of them fail to execute their plan. This is the reason why most students are not getting what they expect. Remember that if you can’t do what you commit to yourself, then there is no guarantee that you will do what you commit to others. So, make a good plan and execute it properly. Start planning with SEE Model Questions.

Be Positive

Have a Positive Feeling about Exam

Always remember that 80% of the work is done through your mind and the rest is through your body. So, if you prepare mentally to achieve the goal you have set, then there is no chance that you will get fail. Be positive and work hard according to your plans. Then, the result is as per your desire. Many students do work hard externally but they are always in fear mentally. So, prepare your mind positively.

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Balance Health

Balance Study and Health during SEE exam time

Health is one of the most important factors in your life. Without health, there is no meaning in every achievement you get. So, while going through your plans, always do take care of your health so that when time comes you can give your best. Without good health, you can’t perform well even if you have worked hard. Remember that you can get a chance even if you fail but if your health is gone, you can’t get it back.


Focus on Study during SEE examination

If you have done all of the above tips but if you don’t focus on what you want to achieve then, it is sure that you will not achieve your goal. Focus is one of the important factors of your success. Everybody says that you should focus on your goal but not everyone knows how to focus. Just learn how to focus on a particular point. It will help to increase your concentration power. What you read will stay in your mind forever. Many students read for long hours but they memorized what they read. This is due to the fact that they are not focusing on their study. They are just reading. There is a vast difference between focusing and reading.

Prepare Model Questions

Wap Nepal consists of a large database of SEE model questions and past exam questions. You can manage time to practice those questions. These model questions are very important questions for SEE examination.