SEE is around the corner and as always it is really hyped up. Students, teachers and parents really take pressure of good grades during the SEE. Even after the introduction of grade system in SEE evaluation, the tension and pressure is still the same. This year’s SEE exam will start in few days and students are busy preparing for it. Even the schools pressurize the grade 10 students a lot during the SEE because somewhere the results associated with the reputation of their school.

SEE in our Society

Not to forget our parents they are so eager to see you getting higher grades than your cousin or your sibling. SEE is really overrated in my view in Nepali society. People don’t see it as a normal exam but make a very big deal out of it.

My SEE days

Whenever I see any kid preparing for SEE examination I remember my days of SEE. In that time, there wasn’t grading system and SEE was also termed SLC, it used to a very big thing.I remember my parents and teachers being more worried than me myself . And we were taught that SLC is a iron gate, once you pass it all the doors open and you will have a brighter future. In those days because of all the pressure ,we often used to hear cases of suicide after failing the SLC. The good news now is that suicides because of SEE Result has decreased a lot.

Since SEE is around the corner this article today is solely dedicated to our students appearing SEE examinations. Yes it is important to study well but please don’t take much pressure and even if you can’t do good, don’t worry you have your  whole life ahead. Stay calm and do your best and don’t worry about the results.

Date of the exam                             

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education, Office of the controller of examination has already  published the examination routine of  SEE 2076. Students have all started their preparations and are now all ready to face the examination which will start from Chaitra 10, 2076  and will end of Chaitra 21, 2076 .

 The examination is scheduled to start from  8 AM  to 11 AM. There will be  separate centers for each schools . Please contact your school to know your exam center. But its few days left for SEE and I am sure you already know your exam centers. I also believe you have almost finished your preparation for SEE Exam 2076.

Here is the brief version of routine of SEE Examination 2076.

 2075 Chaitra 10 : Compulsory English
 2075 Chaitra 11 :Compulsory Nepali
 Chaitra 13, 2076 :Compulsory Maths
 2075 Chaitra 14 :Science
 2075 Chaitra 15 :Social Studies
  Chaitra 16, 2076 :Health, Population and Environment
 2075 Chaitra 17 :Optional I
 2075 Chaitra 18 : Optional II

How to study effectively ?

 Though it is late but here are few tips to study effectively for the SEE examinations.

 Plan a schedule and stick to it

Make a proper schedule for studying and try to stick to that. Apart from a schedule keep your things organized as well. This really helps . When everything is on place ie, your books, notebooks, stationaries you can become more effective and efficient. 

 Make clear and complete notes

We have always seen nerd kids working in their notes in movies . They show it that way for a reason. You must have complete notes and updates. Make your own notes from book.  Read and understand the paragraphs from book and write it down on your simple words

 Stay away from distractions

When you are sitting for studying don’t get distracted by things. Keep your cell phone away and forget everything else while you are studying. Even if you are studying for 15 minutes, only focus  on that .For some people music helps for concentration.

  Revise Everyday

Yes, you had a long day in school and don’t want to study when you reach home. But a brief review in the evening really helps. Once you freshen up, instead of spending your time on your cell phone, review the things you were taught today.

 Study in group

Working with classmates and with your friends encourages an interactive environment. You can ask each other questions and learn together. This way studying will not be boring and you will be able to help one another at the same time. 

  On the exam day

And most important, in the exam day stay calm and focused. Take all your required materials, stationaries, exam entrance paper and try to each the exam center a bit early. This way you will be able to calm your mind and revise all that you have studied throughout the year.

Grading system of SEE result

 We all know grading system is now used in evaluation of SEE results but still many people are confused with it. The basic motto of introducing the grading system is to discourage the definite marking system which demotivates students but it is more sad when people convert the grades into percentage. This way again, comparison starts. Many people don’t still understand the value of grades system. The best thing about grading system is that it doesn’t categorize any students as failed students. This way no students get demotivated and discouraged.

 In this section of the article I am listing the major grades assigned to the students.

Types of grades

There are total of nine  grades in the grading system as  A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D, D+, and E . A+ grade is termed as the best eventually reaching to E which is the least best. Grading system simply categorizes results rather than giving definite marks as in 87 percentage or 75 percentage. It doesn’t term anyone as the best and anyone as the worst. It just puts everyone is similar category. Grading system definitely reduce the competition between the students. This prevents unnecessary pressure and tension.

While many appreciate the grading system, some find it ineffective as it just puts everyone ie hardworking and careless students in a similar category. What do you think about that ? Please share in the comment section .