NEB (National Examination Board) developed a grading system for the SEE examination. The grades students shall obtain in the examination in grade 10 will determine their eligibility for different subjects. This is also called the NEB Grade requirement for being eligible for higher studies. For every subject, there is a certain SEE GPA Requirement in NEB. You must meet the grading requirements to enrol in the course you choose. Check the SEE GPA requirement to study Class 11 or an equivalent course.

Initially, lots of confusion arose associated with a grading system. There were also some concerns about the control and determination of the grades. Students, teachers, and parents were confused regarding the minimum requirements for enrolling in Grade 11. NEB grade requirement is given below. There are different NEB grade requirements for different fields of study.

Addressing the confusion, the NEB (National Examination Board) came up with a summary of the NEB grade requirements.

SEE grades come in a format like the one shown in the image.

see result grade
see result grade sheet format

NEB Grade requirement for admission

Here is the SEE Grade Requirement to be eligible to join NEB.

S.NoGrade XI SubjectsMinimum GPAMinimum “C+” Required SubjectsMinimum “C” Required SubjectsMinimum “D+” Required Subjects
1Science Subject Group Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Mathematics/ Computer Science/ Agriculture2Science and MathEnglishSocial and Nepali
2Vocational Subject Group Animal Science/ Plant Science/ Electrical Engineering/ Civil Engineering/ Computer Engineering1.6 Science, Mathematics and EnglishSocial and Nepali
3Mathematics/ Accountancy/ Economics/ Computer Science/ Teaching Mathematics/ Elements of Finance/ Jyotish/ Business Mathematics/ Co-operative Management/ Business Studies/ Geography/ Psychology1.6 MathematicsEnglish, Nepali, Social and Science
4Physics Education/ Chemistry Education/ Biology Education/ Teaching Science1.6 Science and MathEnglish, Nepali and Social
5English/ Alternative English/ Teaching/ Linguistics1.6 English, Science and MathNepali and Social
6Mass Communication/ Hotel Management/ Travel and Tourism1.6 EnglishNepali and Social
7Nepali, Teaching Nepali1.6 NepaliEnglish and Social
8Political Science/ History/ Culture/ Home Science/ Sociology/ Philosophy/ Library and Information Science1.6 NepaliEnglish and Social
9Introduction to Education/ Instructional Pedagogy/ Health and Physical Education/ Population Studies/ Environment Education1.6 EPHNepali, English and Science
10Human Value Education/ General Law/ Sanskrit Byakaran/ Sahitya/ Nyaya/ Veda/ Niti Shastra/ Boudha Education/ Law1.6  Nepali, English and Social
11Maithali/ Hindi/ Newari/ French/ Japanese/ Urdu/ German/ Chinese and other languages1.6  English
12Dance/ Music/ Sculpture/ Painting/ Applied Arts/ Sport and others1.6  English

For any subject group, the students want to study, he/she requires a minimum GPA of 1.6 and a Grade as defined in the table above. However, for Science Subject Groups, the minimum GPA requirement is 2. Grade requirement in NEB suggests that a minimum “C+” is required in Science and Math, a minimum “C” in English, and similarly, a “D+” is needed in Social and Nepali. The National Examination Board has also cited the grade requirements explained in the table above in their official resources.

SEE GPA Requirement to Enroll in College

As described in the SEE Grade Requirement in NEB, one fulfilling all grade requirements but failing to meet the minimum GPA becomes ineligible to enrol in Grade 11. With the introduction of the Grading System, the examination governing body has also introduced a system where a student can re-attempt the exam. Should a student feel like he can improve the grade, he can re-appear in the examination for the specific subject.

SEE Result is out, and it’s time for students to select the colleges for further studies. Now, SEE passed students should make a vision and ambition for a career. The first thing for students is their interest. It’s well-known that if interest and education meet, you can succeed earlier.

GPA needed after SEE Result to join colleges

  • A 2.0 GPA and Grade C+ in Maths and Science and at least D+ in English, Nepali and Social Studies are needed to study science.
  • A 1.6 GPA and a D+ in English, Nepali, Maths and Social Studies are needed to study Management.
  • A 1.6 GPA and a D+ in English, Nepali, and Social Studies are needed to study Humanities and Education.
  • A 2 GPA and a C+ in Maths, English, and Science are needed to study Diploma in Health.
  • To study Diploma in Engineering, at least a C is needed in Maths and Science and D+ in English.
  • To study Agriculture, at least D+ is needed for any subjects: English, Maths, and science.