SEE result 2076 date is out today on  Ashar 12, 2076. According to the SEE examination board, the result is published today on the 27th of June 2019. It may take more than an hour to publish result through different websites. Many students are asking “When is the SEE result 2076?”. The best answer to this question is to have patience. After the examination board finalises the result, result will be published on our website.

According to the SEE result 2076 board, the latest result is in the grading format. The highest grade is A.

SEE Result 2076 is on a way to publish. Check SEE result 2076 now. SLC is no more SLC: School Leaving Certificate. It is now SEE Secondary Education Examinations. Similarly, the students will be categorized based on grade rather than the percentage. Earlier it was divided as per marks obtained by the students and they are converted into the percentage as given below.

Hence, SLC examination will take place in Grade 10 as countrywide degree examination and the examination of Grade 10 will be acknowledged as Secondary Education Examination (S.E.E).

Grading systemMarks obtained out of 800Percentage
1st Division with distinction640Above 80
1st Division480Above 60
2nd Division360Above 45
3rd Division256Above 32

SEE examination result is normally scheduled in June or July of each year. It was once regarded as the “iron gate” in Nepal. In reality, however, there are certainly greater limitations concerning higher-level research after the examination.

The SEE Examinations are the most vital examination in the academic gadget of Nepal for building a tutorial career. The government has awesome willpower that the grading system that has been currently implemented in the SEE examination will help the country to expand the literacy rate. These are some information and detail about SEE result 2076.

If you are here to check your SEE compart examination, you need to read this article till the end. We have discussed the ways to check SEE compart examination result.

To get SEE result in the beginning when it was SLC, we had to search our Symbol in Gorkhapatra national daily which was really tough work. It’s hard to find your symbol number among many. But now  it has been easy for today’s generation we can watch it either online

SEE result 2076 grades in percent

Now, the mark obtained is based on the new grading system. A new grading system is given below:

Grading SystemIn PercentageRemarksGrade
B+70-80Very good3.2
C+50-60Above Avg.2.4
D+30-40Below Avg.1.6
E0-20Very Insufficient0.8

Every year, Education Board Sanothimi, Bhaktapur is responsible for conducting the SEE exam smoothly and conveniently. It is also responsible for publishing the result on time that will take usually between 45 -60 days.

What is SEE result 2076

see result 2076

SEE is termed an iron gate for the students. The passing percentage of the previous year was very poor due to which the Education board decided to change the grading system so that the number of passed students will be higher.

Well, the new grading system is somehow better than the previous one since it will increase the number of passed students. As a result, a higher number of students will be able to read higher education. There will be no fail students as the result will be based on grade. But their grade will define their level of education. So, in order to get admission in the higher secondary level, one must secure above D+.

see exam 2076

SEE is one of the gateways for students or we can say it’s an opportunity or a base stage for higher education.

Without completion of SEE, no person can go for higher studies as well as there is no chance to involve in any kind of employees or activities.

SEE is also known as the iron gate for the students to go for further higher education. SEE has been converted from SLC in order to get better result or we can say to increase the pass percentage of the students due to the poor result obtained from the previous examination. This helps to generate more students for higher education.

When is SEE result

SEE result 2076 exams were taken in the month of Chaitra. The result is in the first week of Ashar and its a SEE 2076 result time. Students must be excited to see their grades.

SEE result is very very easy to check. As soon as the result gets officially published, you can check your result in this page. You can use the big text below to check the SEE Result 2076 easily.

As mentioned on the video tutorial for SEE result check, You can check your SEE result with grades just by clicking on the single link mentioned above.

How to check SEE result

There are numerous ways that one can check their SEE/SLC results. The ways that are listed can be preferred to one than others. Anyways, here are the trustworthy ways that you can possibly check your results.

SEE result 2076 comes with grades which are easy to check. Many students are confused with the result check procedure. This SEE result 2076 guide is easy so that even a nursery level student can understand it well. We are trying to provide you step by step tutorial to get SEE result 2076 and we hope this will help you a lot.

SEE result 2076 comes online and on SMS. With SEE result 2076 online, you can get your grades of individual subjects. If you are applying through different colleges, you need to print out your result for further education. Issuing transcript of SEE result might take longer depending upon the current rules and regulations.

SEE result 2076 step by step procedure includes result check online. You need to have a symbol number and date of birth on your hand. Then you need to follow this procedure to get your SEE result 2076 right now.

SEE result online with grades

Well, it was our time when we have to wait for the Gorkhapatra to see our result. But nowadays, within a minute you can know your exam result. You have different options. You can see in online, you can buy Gorkhapatra as earlier, you can send SMS and much more. Getting a result of SEE is an easy task.

This method is the most detailed and trustworthy method of all. Just log on to government websites or other websites that provide you with the result. It is very easy and simple. The most truth worthy and affiliated to SEE websites are as follows.

Here is how you can see your SEE result online:

  • The best and reliable online site to view SEE exam result is NTC.
  • Enter the web address of NTC as
  • Now, enter your symbol in the symbol no. the section as shown in the figure.
  • Click the submit button.
  • Then, you will know your result.

see result 2076

Go to Type your symbol number then click submit and your result should appear on the screen. Hope now all of your confusion has cleared up and wish you very best for your result.

In conclusion, Go to Type your symbol number then click search and your result should appear on the screen.

There are other few websites that publish the result.


SEE Result 2076 SMS

Similarly, you can also know your result through SMS. There are different SMS methods you can use. Some of them are:

For NTC users, go to your message box and type see<space>symbol number with an alphabet and send it to 1400.

For NCELL users, go to your message box and type see<space>symbol number with an alphabet and send it to 8080

If you want to use other than this, then type SEE<space>symbol number and send SMS to 35001. You can use this service from NTC or NCELL. This is a service provided by Sparrow.

Lastly, you won’t be getting a detailed mark sheet on selecting SMS way of result check method. You will get to see on the websites but this Is a convenient way if you are in a place where it’s not convenient to check through the internet.

You still want to know your result to see if you’ve passed or failed and how much you’ve got.

There are many ways you can check through SMS but the most reputed and trustworthy are:

We can also check the result through SMS, there are different SMS  method we can use. Some of them are as follows.

NTC SEE result check

Type SEE<space><symbol Number> and send it to 1600
Example: Type SEE 0123456A and send it to 1600

For NTC users, go to your message box and type see<space>symbol number with an alphabet and send it to 1400.

NCELL SEE result check

For NCELL users, go to your message box and type see<space>symbol number with an alphabet and send it to 8080.

If you want to use other than this, then type SEE<space> symbol number and send SMS to 35001, You can use this service from NTC or NCELL. This is a service provided by Sparrow, which is mentioned underneath.

SPARROW SMS SEE result check

Type SEE <space> Symbol Number and send it to 35001
Example: Type SEE 0123456A and send it to 35001.

Note: Sparrow SMS and other companies will charge you up to RS 5 for checking but NTC will only charge you for RS 1.

SEE result on Landline

Yes, if you are in a comfort of your home or have landlines nearby when you have no internet connection available just pick up your landline then dial 1600 and then simply follow the instructions given by the auto answering machine.

SEE Supplementary result 2076

SEE compart result 2076 can also be achieved from SMS. You can understand the different easy ways to get SEE supplementary result 2076 by SMS over here.

Following links provides the guidelines on getting SEE Compart result 2076.

SEE compart result also comes in grades. The result checking process is similar to that of result checking of SEE regular exam result.

We have already covered up all the techniques to check the result. If you are still confused, you can get lots of result guidelines on our website. Our website consists of numerous information about the result.

SEE Supplementary result is now just to increase grades. If a student thinks they got less grade, they can take the supplementary examination.

This is also known as grade increment examination. We will bring more information about Supplementary examination on this page.

After the SEE result 2076 Nepal board is announced, SEE board will publish out SEE supplementary examination routine for grade increment. We will publish that SEE supplementary exam routine on this page.

If you like to know more about the examination, you can use the comment section provided below. We will help you by providing information on this matter.

If you any query then please comment on the box below. We will help you to get the things you want. You can also get connected to our reputed Facebook page to get each and every notice about SEE result 2076. We have already updated the list of SEE Topper.

SEE evaluation system this year will be done through the grading system. Here I provide details on how to see SEE result 2076. Below I have provided some ways to find out your results.

The important notice from Secondary Education Examination S.E.E Board is that result is publishing today on Saturday. The date today is 23rd of June, 2019.

Many students are asking like how can see my SEE result. Everyone is asking to see 2076 result date. The answer is SEE result 2076 date is coming near. You can hear the SEE result out 2076 notice today or tomorrow.

How to see SEE result 2076

SEE result of 2076 is easily available online and on SMS. I will describe to you the quickest way to see SEE result 2076 with grades.

see result 2076

From website service This is the official site of National Examination Board. On the announcement of the result, you can check your results online from this website. The website will provide all the instruction. You just need to enter your symbol number and find out your result. Following the same procedure, you can check your result from other websites as:

Through SMS service

You can check your result through SMS. There are many service providers. You can find your result through SMS. Follow the instructions mentioned below for your result:

  • Type SEE space <symbol number> and send it to respective code numbers.

The code numbers of different VAS providers are listed as:

Name of SMS providerCode number
Sparrow SMS35001
Focus Nepal Pvt Ltd35566
Akash Tech31001
One  app communication33624
Easy service Pvt Ltd34949

SEE results through NTC

NTC provides SEE results through Interactive voice response(IVR) and SMS service.

  • To use the IVR you can call 1600 and dial your symbol number on the announcement.

To use the SMS service just type SEE space <symbol number> and send it to 1600 from any NTC number.

SEE Grading system

As per international standard, the evaluation of SEE is done on the basis of the grading system. Many people are still confused regarding the grading system so today we have listed the full detail regarding the SEE grading system.

SEE grading system as per MOE

Percentage obtainedGradesGPA
·         More than 90 %A+4.0
·         (80-89)%A3.6
·         (70-79)%B+3.2
·         (60-69)%B2.8
·         (50-59)%C+2.4
·         (40-49)%C2.0
·         (20-39)%D1.6
·         (1-19)%E0.8

Other universities also are adopting this grading system. Different grading systems are currently being implemented by different universities and education boards as well. The SEE grades have the different meaning.

Faculties to choose as per your grade 

Students must score D plus in compulsory subjects for further studies MOE has set up criteria for choosing subjects in higher studies as per which students must secure minimum of GPA 2 to study Science. Similarly, to study management, humanities and art students should score minimum GPA 1.6. Those who wish to choose technical field should anyhow obtain 1.6 GPA.