Selecting a college is a vital period in every student’s life. This post is about the factors to be considered while selecting a college after the NEB result. After NEB, students will be in dilemma in choosing a college because there are many colleges out there. If you are a student after NEB, then this post is beneficial for you. It will help you to choose universities and colleges for your bachelor’s degree.

Choosing college after NEB results is a very important issue that should be seriously taken by students. If the students take the right decision of choosing the right college at the right time, then it will help to build their great careers in the future. The student after NEB is not a small kid. He or she may be guided by their parents or teachers but should not be fully dependent on anybody for the decision of their life.

Making your choice after +2

After +2, selecting a faculty might be very difficult. It is crucial to make a wise choice at that moment because it will ultimately shape your life. If you come from management, your decision-making is simple because your options will be few. But there’s a good chance that, like me, you’ll be a science student in the plus two. My +2 was in science. After my NEB college life, I had all the options, which completely confused me. I could pursue a career in engineering, IT, pure science, medicine, nursing, agriculture, or maybe something else entirely.

My own experience

After completing my +2, I decided that I didn’t want to pursue a career in science. Therefore I am now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Since I have greatly benefited from my timely decision, I wanted to publish this essay specifically for the +2 appeared students.

Stay calm and make your choice

You people will graduate from high school in a few months and have a wide range of options. If you have already made a decision about your path of study, you are a wise person. Well, if you’re still confused as I am, don’t worry; you’ll figure it out. In this situation, I advise you to take a year off and figure out what you really want to do. Being late is preferable to living with regret about your choice. Yes, taking a year off can be depressing, especially when you see your peers advance, but don’t worry—everything will be great. A year won’t really change anything, but picking the incorrect course would. You don’t want to regret your decision all your life. Many of my friends have now come to regret their decisions. You shouldn’t do that action. Hold off until you are certain. Follow your aspirations and passions. Decide on your path of action after knowing what you actually want to do with your life. It is preferable to make less money at a job you enjoy than more money at one you despise. I’m hoping you’ll find this article useful. Following completion of your +2, you can enrol in the following courses:
  • MBBS
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • BBA
  • BBS
  • Hotel management
  • and many more.

What to study for a bachelors degree after class 12

The student should choose the course according to their interest. The faculties such as Science and Management are already separated before NEB. Although the path is different for students of different faculties, the factors to be considered while choosing the right college remain the same.


study MBBS after NEB result One of the top choices for biology students is undoubtedly MBBS. Well, a lot of people study biology in order to earn their MBBS. Practicing MBB in Nepal is not very simple. The cost of private institutions is relatively high, and there are very few places available in public universities. There is always intense competition. After receiving their +2, people enroll in admission preparation programs in order to ace the entrance exam. You can receive a full scholarship to study MBBS at IOM or MOE if you do well in school and put in the necessary effort. NAME, Vibrant, and other organizations prepare students for entrance exams.


study Engineering after NEB result Engineering is another widely respected field in Nepal for scientific students who have physics and math as their primary subjects. Admission to engineering colleges can be very difficult. After obtaining a +2, you can choose from entrance preparation institutions. They assist you in preparing for the IOE admission test. If you perform well, you will be admitted to Pulchowk Engineering College, the top engineering school in Nepal. If you really want to get into a college, you must give it everything you’ve got because the number of students taking the admission exam is rather large. Otherwise, you might attend a private university.

Information Technology

Study Information Technology after NEB result Due to global technological advancements and the fact that information technology is the future, IT courses are challenging not just in Nepal but globally. In Nepal, there are several colleges offering IT degrees that have both international and domestic affiliations. You should take an IT course if you have a passion for technology. The good news is that following a +2, students from both science and IT can select this career. And as for the scope, there is no chance that an IT degree will leave you jobless. IT was not formerly particularly well-liked but is now more respected. There is even a BSc.IT program for science students. BIT and BSc. IT differ slightly from each other. Today’s biggest problem in Nepal is inadequate management. So that you can choose the size of the management scope for yourself; no industry in the world can function without management. So, it’s also okay if you wish to work in management. If you’ve been dreaming about those fancy corporate careers, management is what you should pursue. I’ll present a handful of the most popular management courses in Nepal.


Study Management after NEB result BBA stands for Bachelor in Business Administration. Middle-level managers who complete this proper training will be ready for the market. If you desire to make a future in the corporate field or even consider yourself an entrepreneur, then BBA is the perfect course for you. For admission to BBA programs at colleges connected with TU, you must pass the Central Management Admission Test; for admission to programs affiliated with KU, you must pass the KUUMAT. You can study for your CMAT on your own or even enroll in a program. In the market, there are lots of institutions. With colleges that have foreign affiliates, you can even go global. The BBA will prepare you for the market, but how much you can get out of your degree is always up to you. It is a four-year program that is regarded as one of the best management programs.


Bachelor in Business Studies is referred to as BBS. BBS and BBA share several similarities. It used to be a three-year course but is now a four-year one. Only a few subjects and effective teaching differ from BBA; otherwise, they are relatively comparable. Since many colleges offer morning classes for BBS, those who wish to work while they study prefer this option. The BBS degree has its integrity as well.

Hotel management

The study of hotel management has long been quite popular. You can pick hotel management if you enjoy the hospitality industry. You must complete your +2 with the core topic of hotel management in order to study this field. Throughout the world, hotel management has very good potential. The best university for studying hotel management is NATHM. Overall, the course is a lot of fun. Students enjoy getting practical experience while they are studying.

Best way to select a university for a bachelor’s degree

The factors to be considered while selecting a college and university for the bachelors level after NEB result are as follows:

  1. First, you have to choose the course of study according to your interest.
  2. Then, you refer to the colleges that offer your interested course.
  3. You can get the names of colleges from teachers or seniors, friends, and the internet.
  4. Then, visit several colleges to know the details. You can know about its education system, fee structure, and other activities. You can ask the senior students of that college too.
  5. You should not believe in only advertisements. The colleges with no advertisements provide qualitative education too.

So, if you consider the above factors while selecting a college after the NEB result, then you will find the right college for you. Hope this post is beneficial for you.