Shakti Samuha is the first social organization established by the group of survivors of women trafficking in India. It is non-profit organization working against women trafficking. It was established in 1996 but was registered in Kathmandu District office in 2000. Since then, it has been organizing and empowering returning trafficking survivors by providing shelter, legal aid, vocational training, and counseling.

It has also set up Adolescent Girls group to aware the community about the danger of trafficking. It is now expanding its services to the different rural areas of Nepal to keep women safe and make a united stand against traffickers.


It’s vision is to help the survivors to live a dignified life in the society.


It’s mission is to campaign against human trafficking, protecting women and girls living in vulnerable conditions.


To establish a progressive society, devoid of trafficking and other kinds of violence against women.


It has the following major values:

  • Trafficking survivors should have the same rights and freedoms as any other member of society.
  • Trafficking survivors should lead the movement against trafficking, ensuring their own rights and those of others.
  • No member of Shakti Samuha shall be discriminated against in their service to the organization.


  • To establish income generating and skills-based programs that create a sustainable livelihood for trafficking survivors
  • To advocate and lobby for necessary changes to the law
  • To organize meetings and campaigns to raise awareness and minimize the risk of trafficking
  • To establish safe house and emergency support for the rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficking survivors
  • To manage and update data on trafficking survivors
  • To assist trafficking survivors with legal, employment, and counseling services.
  • To coordinate with local, national and international organizations.
  • To protect vulnerable girls and women from trafficking
  • To organize the development of staff members for effective program implementation.

Activities and Programs

It has been conducting following activities and programs:

  • Combating Trafficking in Person
  • Empowering girls and women from prevention and protection from human trafficking
  • Child sexual abuse prevention
  • Awareness and Advocacy on Gender-based violence, trafficking, and HIV AIDS
  • Post trafficking livelihoods in Nepal
  • Reintegrate and Empowerment of trafficking survivor women and girls
  • Women Rehabilitation center

Currently, Shakti Samuha is working in the 15 district of Nepal. In near future, it will be expanding its services to other affected areas too. It has been awarded by Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2013  for its outstanding works in the social awareness. It has published various social awareness books too.

Contact Address:

Chuchchepati, (Behind Petrol Pump and near the Animal Medical Center), Kathmandu, Nepal

PHONE NO: 01-4478117/4481380, Toll-Free No. 1660-01-11117