Sharada Municipality has announced various Positions Available for Engineers and Sub-Engineers. Interested candidates in the position mentioned below are requested to apply to the Sharada Municipality office with the necessary documents.

Notice Date:Dec 13, 2022

Sharada Municipality

The Sharda river, which runs through this municipality, inspired the place’s name. The Salyan district and the Sharda municipality see the Sharda River as their principal river. In terms of the economy and tourism, this river is significant. Sharada Municipality has a population of 33,730 people, of which 46.43 per cent (15,661) are male and 53.57 per cent (18,069) are female, according to the National Census of 2068.

This municipality is home to people from many classes and religions. According to data from the National Census 2068, the Kshetri caste has the most significant percentage of members at 21,127 (62.64%), followed by Sanyasi/Dashanami at 2,761 (8.19%) and Kami at 2,586 (3.0%). (7.67 per cent). A total of 63 educational institutions are involved in education.

Sharada Municipality Has Positions Available for Engineers and Sub-Engineers

About Positions Available for Engineers and Sub-Engineers at Sharada Municipality


Seat available- one

Qualification required for the Engineer job at Sharada Municipality

  • Should have completed the civil engineering graduate program at an accredited university and registered with the relevant engineering council.



Seat available- two

Qualification required for the Sub-Engineer job at Sharada Municipality

  • It is necessary to get a civil engineering diploma from a college or university with accreditation.

Documentation required

  • Personal data (biodata),
  • a copy of the diploma,
  • a copy of the Nepali citizenship certificate,
  • and copies of the work experience certificates are all required.

Application Deadline:-

Candidates must submit their application within 29 Mangsirduring business hours.

Age Limit:-

The applicant must be above 18 years and below 35 years for males and below 40 years for women.

Application Fee:-

Rs. 1000 for Engineering

Rs. 500 for Sub-Engineering


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