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Singati Hydro Energy limited (SHEL) is on a way to construct 25 Megawatt hydropower project through Singati Khola. Singati Khola hydropower project is in Dolakha district.

Singati hydropower project
Image source: singatihydro.com

Singati Hydropower IPO details

Singati Hydro energy limited IPO open date was on 2021-03-19 at 3:15 PM. The IPO was closed on 2021-03-23 at 10:15 PM.

singati hydropower ipo details

The total number of shares that were issued was 269700. The price per share was 100.

The applicant needs to apply at least 10 shares. The maximum limit was set to 200000 per applicant.

It is claimed that Singati Hydro IPO had second-Highest Volume of Applicants.

When is Singati Hydropower IPO result?

Singati Hydropower IPO result will be on 27th of Chaitra 2077. The English date of result is April 9th 2021.

Singati Hydropower IPO Result

How many applicants were there on Singati IPO?

There were total of 16,22,721 applicants and they requested total of 2,47,10,880 shares.

How to check Singati Hydropower IPO result?

You can check Singati Hydro IPO result on the official website of Singati Hydropower private limited (www.singatihydro.com).

Also, you can check your result on MeroShare (https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np).

singati hydropower ipo result

How was Singati Hydropower IPO Result?

Singati Hydropower IPO result was amazing. 269700 applicants were allocated with 10 shares. 1.295 million applicants didn’t get any share. The total applicants were 1.559 million.