Update: SLC Result is now called SEE result. The name of board has been changed. It is no longer called School Leaving Certificate. It is now called Secondary Education Examinations (SEE). If you are looking for SEE result, you can find interesting articles on our latest posts.

Every Nepali knows about the IRON gate examination in Nepal, SLC, the acronym for School Leaving Certificate. SLC examination is one of the most important exams in the academic career in Nepal. Office of Controller of Examination (OCE) under the Ministry of Education, the Department of Government of Nepal has been established to conduct and manage the issues regarding SLC. It is situated in Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.

The first SLC examination was held in 1934 AD in Nepal. Since then, the practice of conducting SLC examination has undergone many changes until now. Each year, more than 300 thousand students give SLC examination. SLC examination is usually held in the month of April to June every year (usually in Baisakh, the 1st month of Nepali calendar). SLC result is usually out after three months of examination. Many websites claim to provide SLC result but they do not do so. So, we are bound to provide you authentic answer on How to check SLC result.

As many changes have been done in the conduction of examination, there have been amendments in the educational structures of Nepal as well. Traditionally, education was the prerogative of elites only, but nowadays, people understand the importance of education. So, the reforms are also being made to increase the literacy rate in Nepal. Erstwhile, SLC examination was held in class 10, and then you could apply for class 11 (+2 education). Presently, the educational structure in Nepal subsumes:

  • District Level Examination (DLE) in grade 8 as a final examination of basic level
  • Secondary Education Examination (SEE) as final examination in grade 10, regional level examination
  • School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination in grade 12 as final examination of secondary level, National level Examination
how to check slc result

how to check slc result

The amendments in the educational structure have also brought about changes in the result publication process. Previously, results were processed regarding percentage. Each student had to gain a minimum of 32 out of 100 in 8 subjects. Since imparting education in Nepal is carried out by public and private schools and the public schools are not as rigorous with the rules as private education, and with many other factors, there had been many failures. There had been many students who couldn’t get the minimum number to pass. There was a system of a pass and fail. And, being labelled as fail”, was the worst nightmare for many students. After the results were published, there would be much news about suicide due to failing SLC. So to deal with that and also to better reflect the capabilities of the student, the letter grading system has been introduced in Nepal.

SLC Result Gradesheet

Percentage ObtainedGradeGrade DescriptionGrade Point
Above 90A+Outstanding4.0
70-79B+Very Good3.2
50-59C+Above average2.4
20-39DBelow Average1.6
0NNot Graded0

Results for SLC are published after about three months of examination. Traditionally, to know results, students would use radios, or there would be long queues in the school to get access to the newspapers. However, it is not the condition now. The technologies have advanced, and after the SLC result is out, you get it right away in your cell phones. Now, along with newspapers, you can also check your results via SMS and online through websites. Sparrow SMS and NTC have been popular among students to get results since 2068 BS. Via SMS, for NTC users, you have to type SLC(space)Symbol No. and send it to 1600. You can use the same format to get your result via Sparrow SMA, but you have to send the SMS to 5001.

How to check SLC result from the official website

OCE being the main to control examination, you would want to check out your SLC result via its official SLC website, www.soce.gov.np. Here is the basic procedure.

slc result

slc result

  • Type the website, soce.gov.np in your browser and tap enter.
  • You will see the welcome page with the logo of Government of Nepal, MoE, OCE at a left side of the screen and Nepal’s flag on the right. In the homepage, under the message from the controller, you will see the most recent notification. For example, SLC result has been published. Click here for result.
  • Click on that option, and a new tab opens slcresult.soce.gov.np.
  • You will have to enter your Symbol no. And the year you gave your examination in and clicked on Search.
  • After some time, you will have your results displayed.