Communication is essential for human beings. We need to communicate in the day to day life with our relatives, friends, family member and with our colleagues. Communication is considered as one of the basic infrastructures for the development of the nation. Those countries where the communication medium is strong and has reached every corner of the nation the country is well developed whereas if the communication medium is not reliable and strong then in such nation the development will also be slow as the connection between the public and government authorities are missing.

One of the essential means of communication is the mobile network these days. We see everyone is using a mobile phone. It has become one of the essential parts of human life.

Mobile is small and is easy to carry with us whenever we go, from one place to other. The mobile phones are wireless and portable and they are becoming popular and have replaced the wire telephone these days.

Telecommunication service in Nepal

We carry mobile handset for calling and messaging purposes most for which we also need a network provider to get the SIM so that we can make use of the handset. There is a various range of network provider companies in the different countries.


In the context of Nepal, there are different telecommunication service provider who serves the people by providing the service of Smart cell in Nepal network, internet and other facilities. The leading telecommunication company of Nepal is NTC (Nepal Telecom) which is only network provider under the Nepal government level. Nepal Telecom is one of the largest network providers in Nepal whose network range is available all over the country.


In the same way, the other company is Ncell is a private company and is considered as the second largest network provider in the nation. There are different voice pack systems in Ncell and different data pack facility too. NTC and Ncell are a competitor of one another and are always trying to give the better service at a better value.

Smart Cell

In the same way, there is another network provider in Nepal known as Smart Cell. Smart Cell is in the third position in the market today. It has started its service from the western part of Nepal and is now expanding it to the different district of Nepal. It has its network coverage in the more than 25 district recently and is planning it to make it all over the 75 district in the coming cell nepal 4g service

People of the district like Ramechhap, Nawalparasi, Tanahu, Gorkha, Kavre, Smart cell in Nepal Makwanpur, and many other can switch to Smart Cell if you feel NTC or Ncell is expensive and didn’t have good price value. In the coming year, the Smart Cell is also planning to be on number one and lead the nation in the field of telecommunications.

Cost for the Smart Cell SIM

As we know every facility come with a price. The cost of the smart cell SIM is cheaper like other SIM card i.e NTC and Nell. The cost is only Rs. 99 with the balance of Rs. 50 in it. The balance that is available at the time of SIM purchase can be used to make calls, SMS or take offers such as data pack.

There are other extra facilities available in this smart SIM. It provides the bonus whenever you recharge Rs. 100 or more in the month. As the bonus balance comes in the next month and the bonus is 162 which includes the following :

It contains Rs. 100 of talk time, Rs. 50 for SMS within the same network, and Rs. 50 for making call and SMS in other networks as well.

Well if you spend at least Rs. 100 a month than the bonus is available for a year.

It has the cheaper rate and the better value of our money so sound reasonable but the problem with the SIM of Smart Cell is it is available in the market in the regular size only whereas these days we get the mobile with the micro or NANO SIM. So the company has to work out to get the three in one SIM card instead of regular SIM only.

Charges for the call SMS and using data in the Smart Cell

No matter which network you are with you have to pay a certain amount for the service. Customers are always looking for the cheaper rate and better value network to use. All are looking for the better quality of network at the cheaper rate so far. Well in this case smart cell has some scheme for their customer. The rates for the Call and SMS are also divided between the normal hours and the happy hours. In the normal hours that is from 6 am to 10 pm the data rate of the smart cell is Rs.2 per MB whereas the SMS in the same network is Rs. 1 and in other networks it is Rs.1.25. Similarly in the happy hours that is from 10 pm to 6 am the data rate is Rs. 1 per MB and the SMS in the same network is Rs. 0.50 and in the different network is Rs.0.75.

Being the third leading network in the nation, the Smart Cell has tried to compete with the other leading network companies like NTC and Ncell. Even though the service area is limited that is only in 25 districts and planning to extend soon they have better data value and calling rate. They also have the facility of 4G network available to their customers which is a great achievement in itself. This network has launched the 4G network in 2 cities of Nepal that is in Kathmandu and Pokhara but still, their 4G speed is highest in comparison to other.

If we are using any network mean that we need to be updated about the network its available balance and recharging it properly. Similarly, we also need to know how to take the data pack in the smart cell and many more.

How to check balance in Smart Cell

To check the balance and the bonus in a smart cell we need to dial up *143# for the bonus query and or *123# for main balance query respectively.

In the same way, to recharge in Smart Cell you need to dial *122* Pin number# whereas for other inquiry you can call in the customer care service number 4242.

smart cell nepal quick guide

smart cell Nepal quick guide

In the same way for the internet user, it is expensive to use the main balance to use the internet in that case smart cell has also provided with the data pack for their valued customer. To get the data pack in Smart Cell you need to dial *141# and select the options from the available menu. There are many offers available in the smart cell after the launch of 4G network in the network. As there are weekly, daily and monthly data pack available you can choose the one that suits you.