According to Smart Choice Technology, Omni channel solution fast banking is launched after five years of study and research to solve mobile and internet banking problems in the Nepali banking sector.

Notice Date: November 19, 2022

This news was published in different daily newspapers in 2079/08/02. As per an article published in Naya Patrika “Kathmandu, “Omni Channel Solution Fast Banking” has been introduced to resolve mobile and internet banking issues in the banking industry.” The CEO of Agriculture Development and Nepal Banker’s Association Chair, Anil Upadhyaya, inaugurated the launch of Fast Banking Solution.

There were many high-ranking officials of Nepal Rastra Bank, financial institutions, Chief Executive Officers of banks, and other employees related to digital banking and the IT sector in the respective program. The “Fast Banking Solution” program was held in Hotel Raddisson on November 16, 2022, in the presence of banking and policy-level dignitaries, IT enthusiasts, and media.

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Fast Banking


Omni Channel Solutions Fast Banking

Chief Executive Officer of Smart Choice Technologies, Narayan Prakash Bhuju, said,” The bank and financial institutions can revolutionize the banking experience for their customers by deploying Fast Banking services as it syncs mobile banking and internet banking services. This service can enable other banking services in the mobile banking system through open API because the current mobile banking services are restricted to making digital payments and fund transfers while forcing users to visit the bank branches for other banking facilities.”


Moreover, He claimed that as banks and other financial institutions solely employ mobile banking services for payments and fund transfers, visiting a bank branch is still required to access banking services.

Chief executive officer of technology partner Swift Technology, Neeraj Dhungana, said, “Fast banking is more solid and scalable in terms of internal structure and technical features.” Banks part of the SCT network can offer customers a new user experience through the Fast Banking Solution on their mobile applications.

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Customers can now use their mobile banking app or online banking services to open a bank account, change their PIN, get a debit or credit card, and other banking services, in addition to making payments and transfers without going to a bank branch.


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