Sparrow SMS is one of the well known VAS (Value added service) provider in Nepal.

VAS is a part of telecommunication industry. While there are numbers of information based companies are being opening and running in Nepal.

On particular subject of SMS marketing, Sparrow SMS comes on the top.

Today’s competitive market, adaptation and flow with technology is very important. There are number of ways you can blend technologies with your general day to day business or personal purpose.

Sparrow SMS

Example of trending technology in Nepal are: Facebook Marketing, Digital Marketing including video marketing using different channels, and SMS marketing.

Facebook marketing refers to promotion of business using Facebook, video marketing refers to promotion of business using video channels, and SMS marketing is about reaching customers who use mobile phone via text SMS. today’s provide Sparrow SMS VAS service, bulk SMS services detail. Founded in 2010, Sparrow SMS provides needed solution for SMS marketing. Sparrow SMS has categorized SMS service under following categories.

Sparrow SMS Services

Individual: Individuals service of Sparrow SMS includes Digicard, SMS Results and SMS services.
Businesses: Businesses service of Sparrow SMS includes API, Short Codes solutions, Messaging Control Panel, VAS.

Details about Sparrow SMS service quoted here: Sparrow SMS service
Global Enterprises: Sparrow SMS applications, SMS Gateways to Nepal.

Contact Details

There are several methods available for contact office of SMS Sparrow VAS Service provider.

Send mail via general post to GPO 8975, EPC 1887, Location of office Harihar Bhavan, Lalitpur, Nepal. Also contact via email at Phone number also available you can call at +977-1-5522942 at office hour.