Pokhara University has released a list of 2079 Students Awarded Bachelor-Level Scholarships. The Awarded List (Program and College) has been released, according to information provided to the Pokhara University Undergraduate Scholarship Selection Committee.

Notice Date: Dec 12, 2022

(a) Pokhara University’s 2079 Bachelor-Level Scholarships Selection Committee, dated 28/06/2019, for the Science and Technology Faculty Group (A). Online applications were accepted from 2079/07/26 to 2079/08/02 from Science and Technology Faculty Group-B), Administration Faculty, Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Scholarship Selection Admission Test Listed in the Merit List, and Schedule-4.

List of 2079 Students Awarded Bachelor-Level Scholarships

More about the List of 2079 Students Awarded Bachelor-Level Scholarships

Most of those who applied for scholarships online and whose names should appear on the public Scholarship Awarded List had their test scores utilized to choose which colleges they would attend. Information on the time granted for admission to the relevant educational programs and institutions won’t be sent through another notice until after the time allotted for the protest period.

Suppose you wish to enrol in a complete 3-year educational program at one faculty. In that case, the names of the institutions you are eligible to attend are displayed based on the information you submitted. The committee will make available all relevant information on the Bachelor-Level Scholarships Awarded List in compliance with the Pokhara University Scholarship Rules, 2065. (Rule 143).



Candidates whose names appear on the published Award Awarded List but whose documents later turn out to be fraudulent will be disqualified from the scholarship at any stage throughout the investigation. On the day of 22 Mangsir 2079, send a written request to puscholarship@pu.edu.np if there is any misunderstanding regarding the published list of scholarships awarded. Submissions will only be made for subjects crucial to the rules and pertinent. Your Name, User ID, Roll Number, Score Marks, and Mobile Number must all be entered in the application form.

There is published material and extensive information on the university website, www.pu.edu.np, and scholarship sections at www.scholarship.pu.edu.np. Candidates who fit the bill need to review the link’s data. Additionally, the Selection Committee can correct any errors or information included in the published Scholarship Award List.

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