Does studying in Australia ever crossed your mind? If yes, then there are a lot of things that one needs to know before knowing where your feet lands. Do not worry on study abroad Australia as we have covered everything that you’ll ever need to know.

Know before you study abroad Australia

  1. Visa and  procedure

The first and fore step for going to Australia. Moving out of one country to another, and in some cases, it’s even moving to a different continent. So prior planning is the must. Knowing what is required to for visa and fulfilling all the eligibility to apply for a visa is crucial. It is important to know about study abroad Australia procedures. Varying from the rules of one country to another, the basic requirements are:

GTE: The genuine temporary entrant is basically to ensure that the student visa is not misused and you’re only for the temporary purpose and by no means, it refers or gives permission for one to stay as a permanent resident of Australia.

English Proficiency Test: If your mother tongue or your first language is not English and your country is non-English speaking country, an English proficiency test result will be required. The tests that you can take are IELTS, CAE (Cambridge Advance English), TOFL, IBT, etc. depending on the accessibility of one’s country.

Financial Backgrounds:  This means checking if one can be able to pay their bills that consist of being able to pay for their basic living costs, for academic costs, and enough to afford tickets and basic travelling fees.

Background Check: Background check or character check is just to ensure that you don’t have any criminal records in history.

Health: This requires the full body checkup to make sure that you are in good shape and have capabilities to perform basic tasks or as per required to your field.

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  1. Expenses: It is better to know and prepare oneself for expenses required and also money transactions methods. Because no one plans to get bankrupt. It is wise to decide you can cover up your expenses while you study abroad Australia. Calculating basic living needs and education costs can save you from unwanted surprise. Average assumed fees calculation for the living and studying in Australia for undergraduates course can range from Au $10,000 to AU $16,500 per year. And for a graduate can range from AU $11,000 to AU $18,500 per year.


  1. Locations: Australia is one big country, and every corner and parts of the country provide different flavours and beneficial factors according to the field that one chooses. So choosing a right location in consideration of the field you decide to study can be of great help and a great kick starts for the better education experience. Sydney is the most targetted location for international students for study abroad Australia.

Studying Abroad in Australia

study abroad Australia

  1. Quality: Studying abroad is already very expensive, and on top of that the quality of the education is what that makes the expenses to be worth spending. Study abroad Australia provides international standard quality education which practically makes students capable. Also it is critical to keep this in mind to do enough research and compare different colleges and universities as studying in the most expensive college or university doesn’t have to mean that it is the best one out there. Money can’t justify everything.


  1. ISIC: ISIC is meant International Student Identity Card. This card will not only identify you as an International student but also provide you discounts for transportation, accommodations and other entertainment purposes. ISIC can help you have a little penny here and there, and everybody is up for saving money.


  1. Grading and Educational System: Every country and every University have their grading and educational system and can be of vast difference compared to your country. So it is always helpful and better to understand and have a better knowledge beforehand so that your results may not confuse you more than the questions in your exams.


  1. Jobs: Living in Australia, depending on where you live in Australia can be very expensive. So to support yourself financially, it is best to look for part time jobs as Australia does hold a large scale of opportunities for part time job seekers.
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  1. Cultural System and Other Systems: As a foreigner, you might be very new to many things in Australia, sometimes it’s even hard for you to understand what they are saying. Understanding Australian cultures, knowing their slangs, their way of living and having a better understanding of their culture helps you to adjust and fit in easier. Also, the time zones and seasons in Australia can be very different than you expected. So preparing yourself for cold weather and entirely different time of seasons and the time zones may take some time for getting familiar.


  1. Health: It is always suggested to do a health insurance before packing your bag to Australia as the medical fees can cost you big time. So taking a health insurance will ease you a lot during your hard times.


  1. Government Policies and Laws: You don’t want to intentionally or unintentionally break any laws. As every country has different law and regulation, it is good if you spend time going through their norms and ethics. Having knowledge of what is legal or illegal can help you stay out of trouble.
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So here is the list of things to know and be aware of that hopefully eases you out and makes you less anxious. Keeping the serious notes aside Australia is a nice and beautiful country that is best known for its education. Don’t forget to explore, live the moment and make the best of the present.