Super Madi Hydropower has issued a notice regarding giving IPO shares to residents of Kaski and Nepalese working abroad.

Notice Date: Last updated Dec 4, 2022

Super Madi Hydropower Limited has published an offer letter to provide an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to the project’s impacted Kaski District residents and Nepalese workers abroad.


Beginning on 20 Mangsir and concluding on 5 Poush 2079, residents and Nepalese nationals working abroad may participate in the first public offering (IPO). Until the 20th Poush, the problem can still exist for residents of Kaski District and Pokhara Metropolitan. If the early closing date is not met, it should emphasize.

Super Madi Hydropower

More About Super Madi Hydropower

The firm has an Rs. 2.10 Arba issued capital, of which 5%, or 10,50,000 unit shares worth Rs. 10.5 crores, are reserved for project-affected inhabitants of Kaski District (Madi VDC) and the Pokhara Metropolitan Area. 21,00,000 unit shares, or 10% of the company’s existing capital, will be issued later. 2,10,000 shares, or 10% of the total, will be allocated to Nepalese expatriates.

The minimum application amount for project-affected citizens is ten units, and the maximum is 50,000 units for Nepalese workers overseas. This IPO’s issue manager is Sanima Capital Ltd. This project uses a conventional Run-of-River layout to take advantage of the Madi River’s flow. The planned plant has a 44MW installed capacity and a total cost of Rs. 8.35 Arba. Each MW costs Rs. 18,97,72,720. through a 132kV single circuit transmission line that is 22 kilometres long.


The Lekhnath Sub Station in the Lekhanath Municipality in Pokhara City will connect the power generated by this plant to the Integrated Nepal Power System (INPS). Annual net energy production should be 243GWh. ICRA Nepal has given Super Madi Hydropower Limited a [ICRANP-IR] BB Issuer rating as of now (pronounced ICRA NP issuer rating double B). For individuals who receive this grade, the risk of an issuer defaulting on their financial obligations is deemed modest.

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