Supermadi Hydropower Limited has released its IPO Allotment or the Result of the IPO issued. Supermadi Hydropower Company and Sanima Capital Limited have published the IPO share results to the general public.

Notice Date: February 12, 2023

Supermadi Hydropower Limited recently shared the issue with the general public and the Nepalese Nationals working overseas. The company has launched a 17 lakh 43 thousand unit IPO sale.

10%, or 210,000 units, of the total 21,00,000 units have already been granted and distributed to Nepalese citizens who reside and work overseas. Of the total offered shares, 5%, or 105,000 units, have been reserved for mutual funds, and 2%, or 42,000 units, have been put aside for the company’s employees. The remaining 17.43,000 units are available to the general public. The company’s paid-up capital will be Rs. 2.10 Arba following the IPO. The company wants to raise Rs. 17.43 crore through this IPO.

Supermadi Hydropower Limited's IPO Allotment or Result

More about Supermadi Hydropower Limited’s IPO Allotment or Result:

The corporation distributed 10,50,000 shares worth Rs. 10.50 crore to locals affected by the project, and 210,000 shares were distributed to Nepalese nationals working abroad. The promoter owners hold 85% of the stock in the corporation.

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according to CDSC 1,027,843, applications have been submitted for 11,902,500 units. As a result, there are currently 6.82 times as many subscribers as available resources for the issue. The IPO’s issue manager has been chosen, and their name is Sanima Capital Limited. An application may ask for as few as ten units or as many as 50,000 units.

The face value of Supermadi Hydropower Limited is RS 100, and the price of a share is 21 Cr. The company allocates 17,43,00 units for the general public. This IPO’s upper and lower price bands would start at Rs 299 and Rs 99.80, respectively. 13,57,745 candidates submitted applications for this IPO, but only 1,74,300 will receive the 10 Units assigned to each applicant.

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