Applying for tax file number may be kind of confusing. Nowadays because of the advancement, it now becomes easier for us to apply as now you can do it online from the comfort of your home and apply for it. In this article, we will take you to step by step how to apply online.

Once you arrived in Australia and had become all settled, it’s time to apply for tax file number.

How to make tax file number online?

  • Simply go to google and type Australia Tax File Number.
  • Open the Taxation Office link (all links will be at the end), click on that to bring you to the main web page, this is the website you want to apply for tax file number. Tax file number will be used to when an end of the financial year occurs or when you leave Australia, and you want tax return.
  • Now click on applying tax file number, this will bring you to the main page, make sure you read through all these little links to ensure which tax number will you be applying.
  • Then, go to lodging your application, there are two ways you could do it, online or manual. I recommend doing it online, and it’s a lot easier and faster to do.
  • Scroll down and click on and click on apply for TNF on the web. Now it will say there is three step to apply for the tax file number.
  • Step one is to completing the online form.
  • Step two you will be printing the online summary.
  • Step three you will go to Australian Post office to declare your personal documents and proof of identity.
tax file number online

tax file number online

  • Step 1: Click to complete the online form, this will bring you to tax file number application or enquiry for individuals.
  • Make sure you take a read all the information and make sure you are eligible to apply for the tax file number.
  • Once you’ve read everything, click on start new form.
  • From here it will bring you to a bunch of various question so make sure you’re completely honest and you are putting as much information as you possibly can.
  • Step 2: Then, it will bring you a confirmation page.
  • On the confirmation page, it will give you application reference number so makes sure to write it down or print the form.
  • It will give you application summary as well as give you next steps for completing you Tax File Number.
  • Step 3: Which is to go to Australian post office to declare your documents to prove your identity.
  • Once you have filled the online for you, have to declare in Australian post office within 30 days for applying for TFN.
  • After you complete the application, your tax file number will arrive in your email within 28 days, and then you are ready to go.

Things to know before applying for Tax file number

This is simple steps that are required to make tax file number online. You can also do it manually but filling it online is so much easier and faster and will save you from all the hustle of having to stay online, go to various departments, may take you whole day sometimes just to apply for the form. I suggest you be completely transparent and honest while filling in the form and also try not to miss anything out because they will recheck it and if they find anything not accurate or information not given, your application form may be rejected and you’ll have to apply it again. So recheck your form and fill it carefully and honestly.


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