The Teacher Service Commission has published a notice regarding the interview schedule and exam results. The TSC selected candidates based on merit after administering a written test to all applicants over several days. The interview schedule is now available, and the results have already been released.

Notice Date: March 15, 2023

The notice says, ” Public Service Commission, Teacher Service Commission, Central Office, has published this information for the information of all the candidates whose roll numbers and names have been passed in the written examination mentioned in the following advertisement in order of the following candidates.”

Teacher Service Commission  Results and interview schedule

More about Teacher Service Commission | Results and interview schedule

The Teacher Service Commission is known for the fair selection process for teachers in Nepal. The teachers are selected through the application process along with other factors such as the written exam and interview outcomes and by checking the educational background with experience.

Candidates who have been selected for the interview should submit two copies of a passport-size photo, all the required minimum qualification certificates and other necessary documents, and two copies of the first and third pages of the registration form to the Registration Management Center of this Commission within 7 (seven) days after the publication of this notice.

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In Anam Nagar, the candidate has to submit copies of the said certificates by himself. The certificate will be canceled if the required minimum qualifications and other necessary documents are unmet. When coming to Antwa Madan, all the documents mentioned above and the admit card must be submitted to the recommended branch of the Commission 1 (one) hour before. If Madan Swajmanak Mawda is not passed, the program will continue as usual.

Service, Group, Sub-Group: Training, Training Administration Position: Co-Chair or equivalent Level/Level: R.P.P. Pratham L.P. Operation Date: 29.9.29 and 30th of 2079. Publication Office: Public Service Commission, Central Office.

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