There has always been need of Tech news Portals in Nepal after development of technology field. These tech news Nepal portals are famous specially in Youths. We are now so used to the tech news platforms that we no more buy any product without watching review from them.

Previously, Popular Online News Portal of Nepal used to cover up with the reviews of products. They also contain few tech news Nepal.

Today, here we have our list of top tech news platform in Nepal that have been creating good impact in this field.

GadgetByte Nepal

gadget byte nepalGadget Byte Nepal is the another name that comes in mind when we talk about tech news Nepal portals. They understand the value of technology and how it changes. They aim to help people keep up with the changes that happen in the IT field. They provide you latest information on the IT field, give you unbiased review on Tech items which will help you decide what to buy. In the busy world we need someone to keep us updated with latest trend that is happening, Gadget byte does that for us. Their company is spread throughout the internet in YouTube, Google, Yahoo and a website itself:

Gizmo Guff

gizmoguff nepalGizmo Guff was founded in 2016 and is one of the fastest growing tech media startups in Nepal. Like any other online portals their ultimate goal is Tech news Nepal and reviews. They too provide you latest news and updates happening in the tech world. They provide you latest news on latest development in the tech field. They vision to become the leader in the tech news online portal in Nepal.


tech news nepalTechLekh is another Nepali technological media that focuses on startups. They feature startups and emerging business in the field of Information technology in their website. They gather the ideas and innovation in the Nepali IT market and bring it to audiences. Unlike other portals, they feature Nepali startups, products,events along with interviews. They even review Nepali apps, products and services that are changing the Nepalese IT field. For more information:

Living With ICT

Living with ICT is one of the leading contemporary IT magazines of the nation. It has gain its popularity among youths specially. The best thing about living with ICT is that it provides two magazines one in Nepali and other in English language. ICT frame is the famous magazine that is covered with ideas relating to information technology. Thus has basically been stared to provide Nepalese youths latest information and trends in the field of IT. For more information:

Blogor Tech News Nepal

BlogorTech, is another platform, where you can find the true and unbiased of various Nepali apps and IT related products. They are basically focused on product reviewing. They wish to help aspiring Nepali entrepreneurs and marketers by their true review on products. They aim to promote Nepali Startup Ecosystem. For that they update their viewers with tech events and inventions happening in Nepal and worldwide. Website:

Gadgets In Nepal

Gadgets In Nepal is one of the oldest tech news Nepal portal that was started in 2010. It was started with a Nepali tech blog which later turned into one of the most successful web portal in Nepal. They provide you review of latest product, product specification. Basically, their main motto is to make tech enthusiast updated with the changes happening in the Tech world. You will get price of latest gadgets and their specifications in their website. For more information :

Next time you buy anything, make sure to check these websites and their reviews.