The Rastriya Kitabkhana has published a notice regarding e-Pension Online Service. The e-Pension Online Service has been established with the well-being of workers retiring from the Civil Service in Mind.

Notice Date: Jan 24, 2023

This program was launched a few months ago from Lalitpur and is now set up to allow online pension applications even from the outlying areas. This concept will eliminate the inconvenience of going to the capital with tons of documents.

All library records have been preserved until teachers, police officers, and other public employees retire—the Civil Service Act and Regulations state. A pension is available to individuals who have served for more than 20 years, while a gratuity is granted to those who have served for less.

The Rastriya Kitabkhana has launched the e-Pension Online Service.

As per the acting director general of the library, this service will make the work quick and effective. The idea of e-Pension is technologically friendly in light of the rising interest in information technology.

More about the Rastriya Kitabkhana launched the e-Pension Online Service.

Employees planning to retire early will be informed of the paperwork required for a pension plan. Depending on that, the paperwork can be submitted online utilizing technology while still at their lodging.

Once the pertinent person’s photo, thumbprint, and office seal are available, the process will be finished promptly. Once the idea is implemented, the ability to take or obtain will be validated. Enabling the early online preparation of all the documents The acting director general, Ojha, claimed this was true because some people lacked faith and confidence in information technology. There will still be the usage of both traditional and electronic pension systems.

The organization manages, among other things, gratuities, pensions, parental pensions, health care, insurance, accumulated leave, disability benefits, and child benefits. Even though all the information will be obtained online because only federal civil service employees are retiring, a trip to the library is still required to construct the pension plan.

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