Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales in Australia. It is one of the largest and oldest cities in Australia. It is located on Australia’s east coast, the world’s largest harbour. People living in Sydney are called Sydneysiders. Many tourists are astonished by its natural beauty so here are few places and things to do in Sydney that you must ensure to visit at least once if you don’t want to miss anything.

Things to do in Sydney Top 10 Places to visit in Sydney

  1. Sydney Opera House

One of the greatest things that Sydney is best known for Opera house. It is one of the most famous landmarks in not just in Sydney but Australia. It is designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, with the structure of sloping white roofs that makes the performing arts centre appear if it’s a giant ship setting out to a sea. The design of Sydney Opera House includes a leaf-like structure shape in the ceramic roof tiles and the natural colours on the exterior. The Sydney Opera House is a large platform of performing art centre with breathtaking architecture. Many guests can take a look at interior designs by booking and attending one of the most amazing shows that are performed in there. If you plan ever to visit, booking a show in Opera House will be worth every penny. Sydney Opera house is one of the things to do in Sydney.


  1. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is the definition of everything you’ve ever imagined how magical can underwater be. This aquarium consists of 13,000 sea creatures from 650 species at lives in this large aquarium. It is known as one of the largest world’s aquarium. It is built with see-through acrylic tunnels which pass through the tanks so the visitors can walk through the tunnel with all the beautiful sea creatures swimming all around them. The aquarium is divided into 60 tanks divided into 14themed sections. The sections include streams and Billabongs, Sydney Harbor, Rocky Shores, Bay of Rays, Mangrove Swamps, South Coast Shipwreck, Saws and Claws, Dugong Island, Sharks and world’s largest Great Barrier Reef Display. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is one of the things to do in Sydney.


  1. Taronga Zoo

It’s always fun to be able to surround yourself with natural beauty, learning the ways of wildlife is astonishing. In Taranga Zoo located at Sydney Mossman, nestled on a point along the north side of the harbour. The ride to the zoo can be car or bus, but most visitors prefers to take a short ferry ride from Circular Quay. The best thing about this zoo is it lets the visitors stay overnight. Taronga Zoo is one of the things to do in Sydney.


  1. Darling Harbor

Darling Harbor was a premier attraction when it was redeveloped; it’s like a perfect hub for tourists and local, it is located 10 minutes from the city centre and is packed with shops, restaurants, museums and other attractions and entertainment. This harbour was originally named after Lieutenant-General Ralph Darling, Governor of NSW from 1825-1831. This harbour also consists of Australian National Maritime Museum is best known for its historical seafaring vessels and has its long history since 19th Century. Darling Harbor is one of the things to do in Sydney.


  1. Sydney Tower

The Sydney Tower is one of the tallest towers is the city and the second tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere and third tallest in the country. It is a free standing structure of 309 meters tall and has 56 cables holding it in place. It was opened to the public in 1981. When the visitor is up at the tower, they can enjoy panoramic views of Sydney. You can go up through high-speed elevators whisk visitor to the top of the tower in 40seconds. The visitor would also get to skywalk i.e. where visitors can walk on a glass that overhangs that is 260meters above the ground, and the best part is that 4D Cinema is included to let the visitor have a better view. Sydney Tower is one of the things to do in Sydney.

things to do in Sydney

interesting things to do in Sydney

  1. Queen Victoria Building

It is a five-story shopping centre that includes 200 retailers. An Architect George McRae built it in 1898. The Queen Victoria Building is designed with large glass dome sheathed in copper, ornamental cast-iron railings and numerous stained glass windows. The building was originally built as a marketplace and concert hall, but later tenants used a building for office space. The building was facing a terrible depression but now has been restored. Queen Victoria Building is one of the things to do in Sydney.


  1. Bondi Beach

I mean who doesn’t like to go to beach, chill and have a fantastic time. A vacation is never complete without a visit to a beach. Bondi Beach is a very popular beach that is a huge attraction for swimmers, surfers, sunbathers and tourist. This beach is located a few minutes away from Sydney’s Central Business District, and is best known for strongest and roughest waves and rip tides that attract a lot of surfers. This beach also has cafes, bars and shops and a pretty good changing room with amazing facilities and has an amazing view of the ocean especially during sunset or sunrise. Bondi Beach is one of the things to do in Sydney.


  1. The Rocks

The Rocks is a historic area which was once a home to the Gadigal Aboriginal people. This place is what the name describes; it is named as The Rocks due to its rocky site coast on the west side of Sydney Cove. It is located between the Harbor Bridge and the northern edge of Sydney’s Central Business District. The Rocks are the oldest city and are the Australia’s first permanent European Settlement, and the place is where the country’s convict history began. It includes of Rocks Discover Museum which stores the history of this place from traditional aboriginal lands to convict slums to tourist places. The Rocks is one of the things to do in Sydney.


  1. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a mesmerising place for picnic spots, to stroll around with an amazing nature beauty. It is located in London, and this park is huge. At the north of this park, there is a Queens Square, are three fine Georgian buildings, and the masterpieces of the convict architect Francis Greenway. It also has St. James Church and the Supreme Court. On the east, there is the most well-known Australian Museum that is known as the largest natural history collection in the country. Hyde Park is one of the things to do in Sydney.


  1. Chinese Garden

This is located in Darling Harbor. The garden was made with a theme of Chinese tradition that is strictly according to ancient Chinese tradition. The was designed conveniently by Chinese architects and also modelled on the private gardens of Ming Dynasty. This garden is a symbol of the bond between Sydney and its sister city in China, Guangzhou. The garden is surrounded by beautiful trees, rock gardens, bridges, flowers and fishes. The main features, as themed as Chinese tradition is dragon wall and dragon rocks. There is even a Chinese restaurant where you and eat or drink something. This is the perfect place to wind up and have a spiritual calming journey. Chinese Garden is one of the things to do in Sydney.

Here is the top ten list of things to do in Sydney though Sydney is packed with more places to visit, make sure you have fun and at least walk by these places.