You go to the office or college every day. You don’t want to travel in those crowded public vehicles and you can’t afford the overpriced Taxis. So what would you do? You can use Tootle App as a cheap transportation medium in Nepal. Sixit Bhatta is the Founder of Tootle.

Benefits of Tootle App for the Country and Society

tootle app nepal

The answer is simple: get a ride from tootle. Tootle is an app that matches you with riders in your way and you get a ride to your destination on paying some fare. How convenient is that! On one hand you can get an easy ride on a very less fare compared to what you would pay for cabs and on the other hand, the bike riders will earn spare money on their way. Similarly, pollution will decrease if people just take a ride rather than using their own. Thus tootle is both convenient and sustainable. Tootle is creating a good buzz in the market these days however, its service is currently available within the valley only. Tootle started its service on Jan 1, 2020. In 1st year of operation tootle won local best startup awards and represented Nepal in two international platforms Slush GIA and Seedstars world.

Tootle App service

  • Download the Tootle app from Play store and login with your valid information.
  • Choose your pick up location and your destination. Book your ride by tapping book.
  • The app will create a convenient route and calculate your fare.
  • You then select your departure time and press confirm.
  • You will receive a code and notification will be send to riders.
  • You will have to wait until some partner accepts your offer.
  • The tootle partner will pick you and you will give your code number to the rider on reaching your destination. This way the tootle team will know about your safe ride. You can pay through cash or by transferring fund from tootle balance.

How can you become a tootle partner and earn some extra money

  • First of all, you need to fill up a form at
  • You will receive a notification within 24 hrs upon account verification.
  • Download the Tootle Partner App from Play Store or Apple Store. Here is the link to the iOS App:, Android App:
  • You don’t need to log in just sign up with the mobile number and password that you used while filling up the form.

That’s it you are good to go, you will receive offers from the clients and you can make extra money. You can transfer your tootle balance to your E-Sewa account or Khalti App and use it for another purpose. You will always have to activate your mobile data and GPS so that may cost you a little more. But it always better to have a company while earning some money during your daily ride.

For now, Tootle is still in its initial phase and its working to gain trust from People. You get Rs 500 tootle balance for every sign up and the tootle partners get Rs 200 tootle balance. But in a society like Nepal People still need some time to get used to these service. However, I see the future of tootle very bright.

As a youth, I think we must give tootle a chance and try this app at least once. You never know, tootling can be your daily mode of travelling. Well, it definitely has convincing features. Women may be wondering about their safety while using the service but don’t worry you can select the gender of your rider and get a safe ride. But do carry a mask to save yourself from Valley’s pollution. Well, it definitely has other convincing features as well. Make sure to check the tootle app and share your experience.