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  1. Palpasa Café

It is one of the most famous and successful novel in the Nepali literature. It is written by Narayan Wagle. It’s a story about an artist, Drishya during the civil war in Nepal.



  1. Karnali Blues

Karnali Blues is written by Buddhi Sagar which tells a story about a young boy who travels to different phases of his life with his parents. It is one of the most read books in Nepali literature.



  1. Seto Dharti

Seto Dharti is a painful story about a widow. It is written by Amar Neupane and is one of the bestselling novel of Nepali literature.




  1. Jeevan Kada ki Phool

It is an inspirational novel about the life of writer herself, Jhamak Ghimire. It has won many awards including Madan Puraskar.




  1. Phool Ko Aankha

It is an autobiography of Ani Choying Dolma. She is a famous singer, writer, and nun.





  1. Summer love

It a love story of Atit and Saya that describes the ups and downs of their relationship and how they overcome it. It is written by Subin Bhattarai.



  1. Sirish ko phool

Bishnu Kumari Waiba, Parijat is a writer of this book. It is one of the finest book ever written in Nepali literature.





  1. Paniko gham

Paniko gham is another masterpiece novel by Amar Neupane which describes the struggle of poor old man.




  1. Seto Bagh

It is one of the most thrilling novel written by Diamond Shamsher. It is about the life of Jagat Jung Rana, JungaThe eldest son of JungBahadur Rana.



  1. Antarmanko Yatra

It is written by Jagadish Ghimire while he was in hospital for treatment of cancer. It is a popular novel as life novel.




  1. Jhola

It is a story about the sati culture back in 1920s of Nepalese society. It is written by Krsihna Dharabasi.




  1. Khusi

It is an auto biography of famous journalist and TV presenter Vijay kumar pandey.



  1. Pagal basti

It is a fictional novel that includes love, affection and belief. It is written by famous writer Saru Bhakta.




  1. Damini Bhir

It was published in 2012. It is one of the best novel that includes circumstances, psychology and different practices of Nepali society during transitional phase. It is written by Rajan Mukarung.



  1. Prayogsala

Prayogsala is a very fine books that describes about the politics of Nepal during the maoist insurgency, deposed monarchy and role of New Delhi. It was written by Sudhir sharma.



  1. Urgen ko ghoda

Urgen ko ghoda was written by Yog Pathak. It is about the tamang community during the civil war in Nepal. It is fictional story.



  1. Mayor Times

It is a Novel written by Narayan Wagle. It is a story about two friends who work in Newspaper called Mayur times.




  1. Sumnima

It is all about a story of a Brahmin boy and Kirat girl, their love story. It was written by B.P Koirala.




  1. Pallo Ghar ko Jhyal

Govinda Bahadur Malla is the writer of this great novel that tells a classic story about the struggle between social obligations and sexual passion.




  1. Chapamar Yuwatiko diary

It is a real story of Tara Rai, writer of this book. It tells story about her involvement in the Maoist soldier and her struggles throughout the phase.