Kathmandu has become so crowded that it is very hard to find the private dating spots. The city has been rather famous for houses, apartments, vehicles and the pollution. It is very hard to find any private places where you can spend your quality time with the loved one. Even government hasn’t established any public place for the refreshment of people in the last year. However, our team has researched top 8 best dating spots in Kathmandu valley. If you are searching for the private places where you can spend a good time with your lover, then here is the list:


Nagarkot Tower

When it comes to private dating spot, Nagarkot is the best option for anyone. This is because of the world-class restaurants and hotels available there where you can have a peaceful and private time with your lover. The best part is you can get the majestic view of the Himalayas like Annapurna, Everest. It is better to stay a night at the hotels to have a candle light dinner with your partner and the very next day, you can view the pleasant sunrise that makes your day. It is just 35 km far away from Kathmandu. Enjoy the best time with your partner at Nagarkot.

Nagarkot Sunrise

Garden of Dreams

One of the best place for private dating spot inside the Kathmandu valley is Garden of Dreams. It is one of the most favorite places for the lovebirds since you can get a peaceful environment and comfortable zone to spend your quality time with your lover. It is built in European style and there are various flowers imported from different countries that have made this garden, a very beautiful. So, your dating can go in flow with the pleasant smell of these beautiful flowers. The entry fee is only NRs 100 per person.

Garden of Dreams Kathmandu


Taudaha can be another great place for dating. It’s publicity is rising since there is a pond which has a historical meaning. Small resorts are built near pond from where you can watch the different species of Birds. You need to pay an entry fee. You can also view the different species of fishes but fishing is strictly prohibited. If you are lucky, then you can even boat there if available. It is about 6 km from Kathmandu on the way to Dakshinkali. Remember that any activities that are against the community norms can lead you to punishment as per mentioned.


Manjushree park

In recent days, Manjushree park is being famous for the dating spot for the lovers and couples. The numbers of lovebirds have started to rise in the park due to which restaurant and cafes have been established there. Inside the park, there are resort type restaurants where you can have a private place for dating but doing any illegal activities could lead you to unnecessary troubles. This park is meant for spending peaceful time. So, if you are searching a bit far place from Kathmandu then, this is the perfect place for your dating. It is just 1km from Chobar.

Manjushree park


Godawari is not the only place for the picnic spot but also suitable for the dating spot. It has very pleasant botanical garden where you can spend a good time with your lover. A fish hatchery can be the best option for making your time a memorable one. Since there is a temple of historical importance, many holy people visit this place daily due to which you might not get a private time with your partner but you will love your time with your partner in the botanical garden.

Godawari Botanical garden

Flavor’s cafe

When it comes to cafe and restaurant inside Kathmandu valley, it is very hard to find a private space. However, if you have planned a date in cafe or restaurant but you are not able to get a good one, then for your kind information, Flavor’s cafe is one of the best places for a date where you can get a private space due to its architectural design. Once you visit this cafe, you will surely love this place. The environment and the hospitability are perfect for the dates. It is not so expensive compare to other. It located in Tusal inside the Hyatt Hotel compounds near Baudha.

flavor s cafe restaurant
Flavor’s Cafe


Though Sundarijali is not a private place for dating, but it can be one of the good spots for your dating. You can enjoy the waterfall with your partner. There are different restaurant and cafe where you can get some private space. If you love trekking, then this place can be the best for you as you have to walk nearly half an hour to reach the mainstream of the place but if you hate walking, then, this place may not be suitable for you. Overall, you can opt for this site only if you have gone all the spots given above.



The hillside of Chobar can be another popular destination for the lovebirds where they can get the private space. Though it is famous for picnic spot but in recent days, the restaurant and cafes established in those areas have made the place one of the favorite places for dating. It is 6km from the capital city. It has a lovely village. It is the place where Manjushree has chopped by the sword to flow all the water of the Kathmandu valley.


These are the top 8 best dating spots in Kathmandu valley. Though some of them may not be such private place for dating but they can be a good place to create some memories with your lover. If you have already been to these spots earlier than you can share your experiences with us by commenting below. However, if you haven’t been to any of these places, then we suggest you trying some of these spots and comment your views in the comment box. Similarly, if you have any other spots which are not included here, then you can comment them so that we will list them in the next article as per your suggestions.