The number of students going abroad is increasing every year. Specially in past few years number of students going abroad has been increasing. Some of the reasons behind that are easy access to foreign countries, more awareness in people, lack of desired course of studies in Nepal, . Since many countries have broadened their visa approval, students get easy access to abroad countries these days. Also students are becoming more aware of visa processes, study requirements and a lot of things. The other reason is easy banking facilities . With all of these different reasons, the number of students going abroad is increasing every year. This has both positive and negative aspect. We will talk about that on our other article.

Best Destinations for Nepali students to study abroad

In past few years flow of students towards particular countries  has been increasing. This list presents the name of top destinations for study for Nepalese students.


 There is no doubt that Australia is the first name in the list. Many students who wish to go abroad wish to go to Australia. This trend increased particularly after Trump adopted strict policy for international students in America. That way all the students applying for USA applied to Australia making it the top most priority of students.

There are number of reasons why students wish to go to Australia. First in my view is permission to work after completion of studies. Almost all the students who go abroad settle their eventually.  In Australia students can live there even after completion of their studies and eventually make their way to PR. Australia gives PR to eligible students and that way they can live there forever . In search of that opportunity they go there. Because once a student lives and studies in a developed country, you automatically wish to settle their at the end.

 We are talking about study so it must be forward in studies as well. Australia definitely has wide variety to choose from and also top ranking universities of the world. There are many reputed universities with worldwide recognition. Students choose the country for its reputation as well. Further more, students can at the same time work and study . Australia provides part time working facility to international students . they can choose to work and study at the same time. That is why even though, they have to spend a fortune, they go to  Australia. The other reason is relaxation of laws. Australia has adopted simplified student visa procedure making it easy for students to apply and study in Australia.


The USA has always remained the top most priority for young students out there. There is no doubt  that USA is best known for study. It has list of A ranking universities and colleges with world-wide certification . There is no way students will not want to go to America in that case. And of course it is America, country of opportunities, many people wish to live in America and study visa acts as gateway for them to do so. It sounds negative but true many students want to live in developed countries and that’s why they enter the country for further future.

 The other reason for wishing to go to  America is the options available. There are list of many collegs which offer affordable fees structure as well. Students can choose from affordable to expensive colleges . Also USA provides Scholarship to students for study. With that scholarship it becomes much easier for students to complete their studies. In  case of post graduate course, they also offer assistant teaching chances for students. They can learn and work with professors. It gives their career a big push. Despite the expensive living  and complex environment, students wish to study and eventually live in America. But with tightening of policy by Trump ,we have seen reduction in number of students applying for America and that number has shifted to Australia.


Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world specially in terms of  technology and innovation. It also has always been one of the top destinations for Nepalese students. Just like in Australia, Japan also provides working facility to students . Students can work for limited hours a weak such that they can look for their expenses in their own. And since Japan is so developed, people also seek chances for further settlement. One of the disadvantage of studying in this country is the language. Students have to learn the basic language before going there. And frankly even after knowing the basic language, it is not easy for students to study there. But despite all these disadvantages people still choose the country for further studies.

New Zealand 

 New Zealand  has just started gaining attention of Nepalese students. Relaxation of laws in New Zealand has made it easier for students to study and eventually live in the country. There is facility of post study work visa and also part time work

 New Zealand also ranks as top countries for studies. It has best Universities with almost all falling in top ranking universities.


 India has always been top destination for Nepalese students. Well you don’t need  a visa to study and even work in India . And since India is so rapidly developing in terms of education then why not ?

Students going to India for study, are increasing every year. The open boarder is one of the reasons. But we can’t also deny that India has developed its education a lot. It is an opportunity for us that we have easy access to India Universities and colleges being Nepali. Many Universities directly admit students from entrance examinations. They also provide scholarships to many of them.

 The manor cities for students are Bangalore, Mumbai. Delhi and even Darjeeling. India is close to country so students can easily come home and parents can also visit their child without incurring a lot of expenses. Definitely there are some but not compared to what you would have to bear if you go to America or Australia. This is one of the reason why students choose India for further studies.

The other best thing about India is that, most of students after completion of studies in India return to homeland and work here unlike those who study in Australia or America.