The world does not end in your room between 4 walls. It’s large and magnificent. It is limitless. The world, with diverse nature in every nook and corner, provides a fruitful opportunity to people to connect with nature and be free from stressful/busy life.

Lately, after the COVID-19 hit the world, activities all around the world stopped temporarily. Travelling to the different top destinations was in the halt mode as the virus can easily be transmitted from one person to another. Lockdown was practised all around the world which stopped the movement of the people from their houses.

Well now the wait is finally over, different vaccine has been manufactured to prevent people from COVID-19. Till now, COVID 19 cases have dropped down drastically which has opened the movement all over the world.

Now you can travel anywhere after being vaccinated. Wearing of mask mandatory has been removed from many places. Here is the top destination to backpack around to refresh from that stressful lockdown.

Top Destination

All the countries found around the globe are magnificent. Some of the countries, despite being underdeveloped and not able to provide basic facilities, are spectacular and blessed with snow-capped mountains, beautiful oceans, different traditions and cultures etc. All countries are extremely unique and diverse.

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Here is the top destination to backpack around. Trust me you won’t regret visiting any mentioned places!

5 Top Destination Country to Visit

1) Nepal

Nepal is a very beautiful country and is very much recommended for backpackers. Nepal is blessed by Worlds Tallest peak, Mount Everest followed by diverse culture and tradition, Cultural heritages and spectacular landscape. If you love trekking Nepal is the perfect choice of destination for you. You can set yourself up in the mountainous landscapes with hours of trekking and find beautiful scenery and amazing memories. For the people who will climb to the top of the world, Nepal supports you!. A journey to Nepal will be adventurous and you will not forget it for the rest of your life. Nepal has very cheap accommodation prices and due to that reason, a lot of backpackers visit this country. With great hospitality and supportive citizens, Nepal has always been on the bucket list of many people. Therefore, Nepal is one of the top destinations in countries to backpack around and experience magical events.

2) Thailand

Thailand is one of the top destinations to backpack around as it is perfect for people looking to spend on a budget while enjoying the tropical lands with rich culture and awesome cuisines. Thailand is the gateway to southeast Asia with beautiful islands, long night parties, white sand beaches and beautiful blue waters of diverse marine life. Here, you can find accommodation at a very affordable price and is a country made for backpackers. If you’re heading to Thailand you should try out the southern islands like Krabi and Koh Samui. Also, if you like the mountains you should head towards the northern regions like Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai to get an awesome experience.

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3) Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most popular destinations for backpackers. It has cheap prices for accommodation and beautiful landscapes like Thailand. Hanoi the capital of Vietnam is really popular with amazing city life, amazing streets and crowded night markets with amazing foods and cheap clothing. Ha Long Bay is the most popular destination among tourists and  Albeit is also popular due to its amazing landscapes of the beautiful bay.

4) New Zealand

New Zealand may be a small country but it has a lot to offer and you will regret not visiting New Zealand. This country has amazing landscapes, beautiful mountains, amazing beaches and so on. The views in this country are spectacular from the tropical north of Cape Reinga to the ski slopes of Queenstown. Particularly, if you are a Lord of The Rings fan you should definitely visit Hobbiton as the film was shot there. And also if you like extreme adventures you can try out the world-famous bungee jumping in New Zealand. So, New Zealand can be listed as top destination country.

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5) Australia

If you’ve just been to New Zealand don’t skip on Australia because these 2 countries are very near to each other and not visiting Australia is making a mistake on your end. Backpacking in Australia may be a bit more expensive than some other locations but its a very easy country to move around as everyone speaks English here. You can find astonishing You can find accommodation easily and every facility you need easily as well. This country has so much to offer with its diverse landscape from snowy mountains for skiing to deserts to rain forest. If you like wildlife Australia has a lot to offer as you will not find most of the wildlife here in any other part of the world (except zoo’s).


Italy, a European country, located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is the top destination country to visit. Italy is