Bhaktapur is one of the ancient Newari city in Kathmandu valley. It is listed in the world heritage site due to the rich in cultures, temples, metal and stone artworks. It is one of the best tourist destination in Nepal. Every year thousand of tourists visit this place. This city is also especially famous for the curd called Ju Ju dhau.

Here are the five interesting places in Bhaktapur:

  1. Bhaktapur Durbar Square

bhaktapurBhaktapur Durbar Square is the main places to visit in Bhaktapur because of its historical importance. It has pagoda and Shikhara style temples with 55 windows made of brick and wood. Beside it, there is Nyatpol- a five-story pagoda style temple and Siddha Pokhari. A Bhaktapur city is the best place to visit since this area is the best place to explore the Newari cultures and traditions along with their architectures and sculpture.

  1. Changu Narayan Temple
changu narayan


It is one of the ancient Hindu temple built in the 4th century in the pagoda style located 6 km in the north of Bhaktapur. It is one of the oldest temple in the valley. It is also listed in the UNESCO world heritage list. This is the most visit place if you are visiting the Bhaktapur. From here, you can see the Nepal one and only international airport where take over and landing of an airplane can be seen clearly.

  1. Nagarkot

nagarkotIf you love peace, pleasant, natural beauty and the Himalayas view then Nagarkot is the best place to visit in Bhaktapur. It is one of the favorite tourist destination in Nepal. One of the best things of Nagarkot is you can view the Himalayas ranges of Annapurna and Mt Everest. There are good restaurants and hotels where you can taste intercontinental foods. It is also one of the best place for watching the sunset. It is a very good place for dating.

  1. Saanga

saangaSaanga was just an ordinary place before the tallest the statue of Shiva was built. Now, it has been a favorite place for many Hindus and many tourist visit this place yearly. The statue is called Kailashnath Mahadev statue that is 44m tall. It is world tallest Shiva linga. It is made using copper, zinc, concrete and steel. This place is just 20 km from Kathmandu at the border of Bhaktapur and Sindhupalchowk.

  1. Pilot ashram

10. Doctor Pilot Baba AsharamIf you want to gain some knowledge about spirituality and meditation, then Pilot BABA ashram is one of the best place to visit in Bhaktapur. Pilot BABA  is a spiritual guru. He was named Pilot baba due to the fact that he was once an Indian fighter pilot of Indian Air force. He has established a meditation centre in Bhaktapur. So, it is called Pilot Baba Ashram. Now, it is one of the religious place to visit in Bhaktapur and also emerging as a tourist destination.

Well, these are the top five interesting places to visit in Bhaktapur on our list. If you know any other places besides listed here, then you can comment below and share your experiences with us.