Nepal has seen a lot of advances in past few years. Specially in the field of technology and innovation, there has been tremendous development. The number of internet users and internet service providers has been increasing. With this, increase the popularity of different sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube has been increasing. Lots of YouTubers in Nepal are earning money online.

The online field has grown up numbers of entrepreneurs in Nepal.

top youtubers in nepal sisan

 It is amazing to see the progress of YouTubers in Nepal. While many people have access to the internet an d look for way to get entertained from YouTubers. The number of you tube users have been increasing every year.

We have list of YouTubers that make good fortune from you tube itself. Only years back people used to find it difficult to make living via you tube. But these days people earn their living via YouTube. Not just money, they are getting popularity and fame as well.

 While there are many YouTubers in Nepal who develop and upload unique videos and information . There are handful of them who have won hearts of audience. In the article, we present the list of five most hit YouTubers in Nepal.

Sisan Baniya

Sisan baniya owns a YouTube channel paradygm TV. Paradygm TV is quite famous YouTube channel in country. Especially among youths, the channel and Sisan Baniya himself is very popular. He uploads travel videos and life style videos. Recently he has been helping working with The Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal. He helped in making of introduction video for Miss Nepal 2020 and that video was very well received by audience. Now for Miss Nepal 2020, he had active participation.

This famous vlogger and YouTuber lives in Sitapaila, Kathmandu. Sisan baniya has mentioned this in his vlogs as well. And you can also know a lot about him from his interviews. Sisan Baniya is a very entertaining youtuber and definitely a role model for many who want it make it big in YouTube.

Education and early life

Talking about his education he has graduate degree in Business administration from Apex college of Management. Right after he graduation e stared working on his passion and started Paradygm TV. Though we many now see only his success, he has long journey. Now coming in 209 he has received the appreciation he deserves. He became popular during 2016 while he started the channel in 2011 after his bachelors degree. He is a well established videographer, photographer and director. His works clearly reflect his talent, skills and education. He has also directed a movie named Adha Love .

Ming Sherap

Ming Sherap is a among the young YouTubers in Nepal who makes fun videos when he is free. Unlike all the YouTubers he is very young and works only he has time after his college. But his videos are just amazing gaining him more than 4,42,000 subscribers. In a country with so less population this number is huge.

He is famous YouTuber specially among youngsters. He has been featured in many interviews and has done many talk session as well. Ming Sherap is truly an inspirer. The young YouTuber started his YouTube channel only in 2016 but now just in 2 years has gained good followers and loyal viewers. Ming Sherap makes short comedy videos representing daily life of a youngster in Nepal, their problems and daily life incidences. That is why viewers can relate so well to his videos and love him so much.


Right now he is studying in Xavier Academy and runs the channel on his own. He plays different character on his own while sometimes his friends also act for him.

Ming Sherpa was born in June 26, 2000 in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has also released a music video totally original named Swag Keta Moh and that video also received good response.

Sabin Karki

I am personally a big fan of Sabin Karki . Sabin Karki popularly known as Beest is one of the most loved YouTubers in Nepal. He was part of the reputed dancing crew; Cartoonz crew but then he left the crew ever since he started making his own videos. Nowadays he makes his own videos, vines, comedy videos and even dance covers. His contents are truly amazing. His work and his passion shows that he is here for a log run not for short span. Sabin Karki also recently took part film making workshop in Mumbai organized by New York Film Academy ,United States . He is a good actor, smart director, choreographer and dancer .

His song Viral Vaidiyo featuring Dikshya Thakuri became so hit that it not only gave fame to Sabin karki but to the child artist as well. Almost all of his video become trending on facebook. Despite leaving cartoonz crew, he is doing amazing and so are the team cartoonz crew.

 He owns channel named Beest official where he upload all his contents. He started the channel back in 2009 . Right now the channel has one hundred and forty five thousand subscribers.He is a successful dancer, choreographer, and YouTube vlogger. He uploads his YouTube videos on his official channel named Beest Official which he opened in the year 2009. The channel has 353013 subscribers. He also has another channel on his name Sabin karki which has 355899 subscribers.

Early life

Talking about his early life, he was born in Kathmandu City, From very young age he was passionate towards dance.Even though he never got any kind of dance training, he is one of the best dancer in Nepal right now. He claims YouTube is his teacher and all the skills he learnt he owes it to YouTube and his dedication.

Girish Khatiwada

Girrish Khatiwada is a pop singer and rapper of Nepal. Founder at Men’s Room reloaded, he is a successful YouTuber in Nepal. He is most famous for his unique rap sings and has received the title of first rapper in Nepali music industry. He started rapping since long but released his first album in 2002 . He has his YouTube channel named Girish Khatiwada and has 296192 subscribers His songs has thousands of views and is loved by many. He has more than three hundred videos on his channel.