In this article, we will navigate the financial aspects of pursuing Canadian Institutions from Nepal. This article aims to provide comprehensive financial guidelines for Nepalese students aspiring to apply to Canadian institutions, covering various expenses such as language proficiency tests, enrollment charges, tuition fees, document charges, medical reports, visa lodgment, and flight tickets. In conclusion, we will determine the total cost to study in Canada from Nepal.

Canadian institutions have garnered global acclaim for their high-quality education, making Canada an attractive destination for Nepalese students. While pursuing higher education in Canada offers numerous opportunities, students are often concerned about the financial aspects, as they play a vital role in obtaining a student visa.

Language Proficiency Tests

For students planning to study in Canada, demonstrating proficiency in English or French is crucial. The average cost for English language preparation classes ranges from Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 9,000 for the entire session. Furthermore, students need to bear the examination charges for tests like IELTS, which amount to Rs. 27,100, or PTE, ranging from Rs. 29,900. Adequate preparation and obtaining a satisfactory score in these language tests are essential for successful visa applications.

English Language Proficiency Tests

Enrollment Charges and Application Fees

When seeking assistance from the best educational consultants in Nepal, students may encounter an enrollment charge of Rs. 25,000. Additionally, while some Canadian institutions provide waiver codes for the application process, others may require application charges ranging from CAD 90 to CAD 150 (equivalent to Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 15,000), depending on the student’s institution preference.

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Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for Canadian institutions vary based on the chosen institution and academic program. On average, tuition fees range from CAD 15,800 to CAD 25,000 (approximately Rs. 16 lakhs to Rs. 26 lakhs), inclusive of education taxes and additional charges like flywire/CIBC and Pay my tuition fees. It is imperative for students to carefully consider these costs while planning their financial arrangements.

Total Cost to Study in Canada from Nepal
Total Cost to Study in Canada from Nepal

Document Charges

In the student visa application process, the significance of documents cannot be overstated, as they form a pivotal aspect of the entire procedure. Consequently, prospective students need to be well-prepared to bear the necessary expenses associated with document preparation. These costs encompass various charges, which include Rs. 4,000 for property valuation, Rs. 6,000 each for the CA report and Audit report, and an additional Rs. 1,000 for agreement, rent, and lease charges. Furthermore, translation services cost Rs. 500 per page, while obtaining a No Objection Certificate typically requires a fee of Rs. 2,000.

By being well-informed about these charges and incorporating them into their financial planning, aspiring students can confidently and precisely navigate the visa application process, thus positioning themselves favourably for their educational journey in the destination country.

Medical Reports

Medical reports are mandatory for the visa lodgment process. Nepalese students can obtain authorization from two recognized medical centers, TMMC and IOM. The charges for medical reports at TMMC are Rs. 8,300, while at IOM, they amount to Rs. 17,000.

Visa Lodgment Charges

To apply for a student visa to Canada, students need to consider the charges for visa lodgment and biometrics. Visa lodgment charges amount to CAD 150, and biometrics charges add an additional CAD 85, bringing the total to CAD 235 (approximately Rs. 24,000 to Rs. 25,000).

Flight Tickets

Airline tickets account for a substantial portion of the total expenses incurred during travel. Specifically, when journeying from Nepal to Canada, the cost of flight tickets usually falls within the range of Rs. 150,000 to Rs. 250,000. This considerable price range reflects the varying factors that influence ticket prices, such as the time of booking, travel dates, airlines chosen, and the level of demand for flights on that particular route. Therefore, travelers planning to embark on this transcontinental journey must be mindful of these cost considerations while devising their travel budgets and making informed decisions to optimize their travel expenditures.

Flight Ticket to Canada from Nepal

Financial Preparations

To facilitate a seamless journey in their pursuit of Canadian education, students are advised to arrange a bank draft amounting to CAD 1,500 and to carry a maximum of CAD 2,000 in cash or its equivalent value in USD (approximately USD 1,500). This prudent financial preparation will safeguard unforeseen expenses, ensure compliance with currency regulations, and facilitate various transactions during their academic journey in Canada.


Embarking on a journey to study in Canada involves careful financial planning. By considering the various expenses, such as language proficiency tests, enrollment charges, tuition fees, document charges, medical reports, visa lodgment, and flight tickets, Nepalese students can better prepare themselves for a successful study abroad experience. The opportunity to study in Canada is undoubtedly enriching, offering an excellent platform for personal and academic growth. Nepalese students can confidently embark on this educational journey with proper financial preparation, knowing they have planned for their future success.