Balance transfer simply means transferring (send or receive) a certain amount of money anytime and anywhere from their mobile to their friend or family mobile. One can transfer the balance on the same network only.


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We can dail 1414 and know about the services of NTC. We can recharge our landline phone by using recharge card. Ntc has been providing us internet facilities and services with effective schemes at effective rate. NT Customers can now recharge there GSM Postpaid/ Prepaid Mobile, ADSL Internet Account, PSTN Landline bill from anywhere simply by dialing 1413.

Nepal Telecom has provided different services like ADSL broadband Internet, Dial-up internet access, Internet Leased Line connectivity, Web sms, Telecome etc.Nepal Telecommunication Corporation was transformed into Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited from Baisakh 1, 2061.

Nepal Doorsanchar company Limited is a company registered under the companies Act 2053. The goal of NTC is to provide cost effective telecommunication services at every corner of country. NTC wants to remain as dominant player in telecommunication sector country. They want to extend reliable and cost effective services to all.

It also seems that Nepal telecom has good development on its telecommunication software.

 Lets hope NTC with lunch more new better service.

NTC to NTC Balance Transfer

NTC has updated its services regarding Balance transfer and now anyone prepaid NTC user can transfer the balance greater than NRs 10 to other prepaid users. Previously, this balance transfer service was stopped due to some security reason. However, it has been opened now and is very good news for the prepaid user. Here is how balance is transferred from one prepaid to another prepaid user.

This is a nice information that NTC (Nepal Telecom) has re-opened Balance Transfer Facility. Namaste Balance Transfer is easy and one step process. Previously, NTC balance transfer has stopped this service with a reason of security. This service has made users more easier. NTC users can transfer any amount of balance greater than 10 NRS so there is no compulsion of Recharging 100 NRS in account.


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How to transfer balance from NTC to NTC is a common question for all. Nepal Telecom has started new syntax for transferring balance from Nepal telecom prepaid to another Nepal telecom prepaid number.

NTC balance transfer system has been beneficial to all Nepal telecom costumers. In 2015 December, ntc balance transfer syntax has been changed. So, people are confused on transferring the amount. People have been started searching how to transfer balance in ntc and how to transfer balance in ntc to ntc. Yes! Nepal telecom has made much more easier to transfer balance.

balance transfer ntc

Its an amazing feature of NTC that a needy people can be helped with in a few second.

Earlier, it was like this:

Dial *422*security code*Destination mobile number*Amount in Paisa#

Now, the updated method is:

Dial *422*security code*Destination mobile number*Amount in Rupees#

Remember that your old security code doesn’t work anymore. So, you have to get your new security code of your prepaid number. For this, simply send sms<scode> to 1400 and get that code.

To make easy, in short your syntax to transfer balance will be

Dial *422*Security Code*Destination mobile number*Amount in Paisa# (Previous Not working now)

Dial *422*Security Code*Destination mobile number*Amount in Rupees# (Now working)

The way to transfer balance in NTC has been changed. This time the syntax is same as before but there is some changes in it. The new syntax is provided as below.
*422*security code*mobile number of receiver*Amount rupees#
The new article mentioning Namaste balance transfer, NTC balance transfer provides complete information on how to transfer balance from NTC to NTC. It is much more easier, flexible and economical to send balance from NTC to NTC.
ntc balance transfer
If you are looking for NCELL to NCELL balance transfer, there is a different way than I mentioned before.
Pick up your mobile phone. You do not need to have smart phone for this feature. Even your simple mobile phone can work for you. Go to the dialing option where you can enter the number.
Type *422*SecurityCode*MobileNumber*BalanceAmount(in Rupees)#

This time, you must enter balance amount to transfer in Rupees. Previously, Paisa used to be noted and paisa used to represented.

Minimum amount you can send from NTC to NTC is 10 rupees and the maximum amount is 200 rupees. Previously, maximum amount you could transfer was 100 rupees only.

Sometimes, trying harder does not works. If you can not transfer balance, please wait for a while and repeat the same process mentioned above later on. This is really a good service by Nepal telecom which has helped lots to people. People started becoming NTC subscriber previously because of the balance transfer feature as well. After a while, NCELL also brought the feature to transfer the balance within their network.

Anyways, the above guide provides the easy and perfect way to transfer balance from NTC to NTC. If you have any problem regarding balance transfer, jot it down on the comment section below.

Nepal Telecom provides balance transfer service to its customers. It was previously closed for a while but again it has started the service of balance transfer from NTC prepaid to NTC prepaid. In this article, we will mention you about the easy way to transfer balance in NTC mobile and how to get security code to transfer the balance.

Important things you must know to transfer balance in NTC

  • You can send minimum ten rupees and maximum 100 rupees in a single transaction.
  • There is a limit to transfer five times a day. You can not transfer more than five times.
  • This service is for prepaid only.

Previously, you need to convert your currency to paisa while transferring the balance. But, with the recent update, you need to note down the amount in rupees instead of paisa.

After discussing lots about balance transfer in NTC. You must note these things.

*422*Security Code*Mobile  number*rupees#

There is a syntax for balance transfer.

You need to dial *422*security code*mobile number of receiver*Amount rupees#

NTC has improved a lot on its services. With a single call to 1413, we can recharge postpaid mobile phone, landline phone, and ADSL. If you need any information then you can dial 1414 from your Nepal Telecom handset.

Forgot NTC balance transfer Security code

What to do if you forget your NTC security code? If you missed security code for Namaste balance transfer, then you must contact Nepal Telecom office to reset your security code. This is for security purposes.

Our website consists of numerous information in regards to NTC. We have several posts where we have mentioned about NTC, ADSL, GSM postpaid, CDMA prepaid, CDMA postpaid, WiMax for Nepal Telecom. You can get to our articles through related posts articles mentioned below. You can also use search bar to search the related products.

NTC SAPATI Loan scheme

Nepal Telecom Sapati service scheme called NTC Loan by Nepal Telecom makes easy to take NTC credit. NT Sapati scheme provides an emergency loan so that you can access to mobile communication without balance taking a loan. Previously, NCELL provided the service named NCELL Sapati of Rs. 20 for sim older than two months with a charge of Rs. 2.51. Due to compititive market, NTC is bound to start sapati scheme for its customers. Besides, telecommunication companies generate huge revenue on providing sapati service to its customers. NTC Sapati is expected to be cheaper than NCELL Sapati.

We are calculating for NCELL Sapati. Charges is 2.51 for 20 rs. So, percentage of interest is 2.51/20= 12.55%.

But, we pay sapati amount within hour or within a day. When you pay your sapati balance each time you are paying 12.55% more than what you took as a loan from NCELL.

Nepal Telecom being cheaper on every other expect, we are expecting for less charges for taking NTC sapati.

NTC Sapati news started with a speech of MD of Nepal Telecom Kamini Raj Bhandari. During her speech, she announced about Nepal Telecom Sapati / Nepal Telecom Loan service for its customers

Sapati balance is very much useful during emergency circumstances. Usually, recharge cards sometimes might not be on our approach depending upon our location. During that time, we can take sapati service so that we can make an emergency call or we can use sapati balance for data or SMS. Namaste balance transfer is also known as NTC Sapati.

How to take NTC loan

This article provides you easy steps to activate Nepal Telecom Loan scheme. It is easy to activate NTC Sapati.

*422*security code*mobile number of receiver*Amount rupees#

NTC Recharge Validity Duration

NTC GSM Prepaid Recharge Validity date has been increased. Now costumers topping balance on NTC prepaid mobile phone will get more validity as below.

S.NoRecharge AmountNew ValidityOld Validity
1105 Days1 Day
22010 Days2 Days
33015 Days3 Days
44020 Days4 Days
55030 Days7 Days
610060 Days20 Day
715090 Days35 Day
8200140 Days60 Days
9300200 Days90 Days
10500360 Days180 Days
111000730 Days360 Days

NCELL to NCELL Balance Transfer

Like NTC, Ncell has also balance transfer service within its networks. Please follow the steps given below:


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  1. In order to use this service in Ncell, first, you must activate this service in your mobile number.
  2. To activate this service, just dial 17122 for free.
  3. After you activate this service, you can now transfer your balance to another Ncell prepaid number.
  4. For this, please follow this.
  5. Dial *17122*receiver’s number*transfer amount in Rupee#
  6. For example, to transfer NRs 50, Dial *17122*9803++++++*50#
  7. Remember that you can transfer balance greater than NRs 10 and maximum up to NRs 200 at a time and three times a day.
  8. NRs 1.25 (Inclusive of taxes) will be deducted as a service charge from the transferred amount.
  9. This service is available only in the prepaid.