How to transfer balance from NTC to NTC and NCELL to NCELL?

Balance transfer simply means transferring (send or receive) a certain amount of money anytime and anywhere from their mobile to their friend or family mobile. One can transfer the balance on the same network only.

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How to transfer Balance from NTC to NTC?

NTC has updated its services regarding Balance transfer and now anyone prepaid NTC user can transfer the balance greater than NRs 10 to other prepaid users. Previously, this balance transfer service was stopped due to some security reason. However, it has been opened now and is very good news for the prepaid user. Here is how balance is transferred from one prepaid to another prepaid user.

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Earlier, it was like this:

Dial *422*security code*Destination mobile number*Amount in Paisa#

Now, the updated method is:

Dial *422*security code*Destination mobile number*Amount in Rupees#

Remember that your old security code doesn’t work anymore. So, you have to get your new security code of your prepaid number. For this, simply send sms<scode> to 1400 and get that code.


How to transfer Balance in NCELL to NCELL?

Like NTC, Ncell has also balance transfer service within its networks. Please follow the steps given below:

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  1. In order to use this service in Ncell, first, you must activate this service in your mobile number.
  2. To activate this service, just dial 17122 for free.
  3. After you activate this service, you can now transfer your balance to another Ncell prepaid number.
  4. For this, please follow this.
  5. Dial *17122*receiver’s number*transfer amount in Rupee#
  6. For example, to transfer NRs 50, Dial *17122*9803++++++*50#
  7. Remember that you can transfer balance greater than NRs 10 and maximum up to NRs 200 at a time and three times a day.
  8. NRs 1.25 (Inclusive of taxes) will be deducted as a service charge from the transferred amount.
  9. This service is available only in the prepaid.


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