Tribhuvan University has released a notice regarding MA & PGD Semester System Admissions Open for 2022. The Dean’s Office published this notification, Balkhu, Tribhuvan University (TUFoHSS) Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Notice Date: Last updated Feb 1, 2023

Announcement of new student admission for the Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) and Master of Arts (MA) levels.
The Dean’s Office of Tribhuvan University is already taking online applications from students for the 2078–2079 academic year (2022). who seek to enrol in the semester system in various fields at the Master of Arts (MA) and Postgraduate (PG) levels.

Tribhuvan University MA & PGD Semester System Admissions Open for 2022

More about MA & PGD Semester System Admissions Open for 2022

The notice says, “For the academic year 2078/079 (2022), the Dean’s Office at Tribhuvan University’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has opened an online application for students who wish to enrol and study in a variety of subjects designated by the Dean’s Office at the Master’s (PGD) and Master’s (MA) level using the semester system. This notification has been made public for the benefit of everyone who may be interested. The period for submitting an online application form is between September 13, 2079, and October 10, 2079 (2079/10/17 in Dobbar Dastur), until noon. Visit the institute’s for more in-depth information.”

About Tribhuvan University

The first national institution of higher learning in Nepal was founded in 1959, and that institution is known as Tribhuvan University. Tribhuvan University’s Central Administrative Office and Central Campus are five kilometres from the heart of Kathmandu, on the northeastern side of the small, historic town of Kirtipur. At Kirtipur, the university occupies 154.77 hectares (3042-5-2 ropanis) of land.

The Prime Minister of Nepal is now the ceremonial head and Chancellor of the University following the second democratic movement of 2006, while the Minister of Education is the Pro-Chancellor. The vice chancellor servesuniversity’sersity’s chief executive. The Registrar oversees financial management and general administration, while the Rector oversees academic programs.

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