Tribhuvan University’s Curriculum Development Center has released a notice regarding the Equivalent Certificate.

Notice Date: [post_published]

The Accreditation and Equivalence Determination Committee’s decision dated Mangsir 09, 2079, for certificates of medical education obtained from training facilities and institutions that do not have the authority to grant educational degrees, including the Philippines, has now withdrawn the equivalency provided by Tribhuvan University’s Curriculum Development Center in Kirtipur.

More about Notice for an Equivalent Certificate

The certificates were obtained from the organizations mentioned above, whether or not they originated from this centre. Applicants who request an Equivalent Certificate but have not finished any educational levels or enrolled in classes above those levels will not be granted comparable; it has also been decided.

Given that it has been discovered that numerous institutions have been granted such equivalences. This caution has been made public to reassure anyone concerned that such correspondences won’t be legally acknowledged even if they are presented.

The notice says, ” This notice has been published for the information of all parties involved because it has come to our attention that these equivalences have been submitted to some institutions. It warns that these equivalence letters, whether submitted with or without the certificates obtained from this centre, will not be legally recognized. Additionally, this letter informs students who have passed a level of education and request equivalence after being admitted to a level higher than that level of the decision that equivalence cannot be given.”


Tribhuvan University’s Curriculum Development Center

The CDC was established in 2030 BC to provide curricula for many faculties and institutes. Later, it also began issuing equivalent certificates to students who had graduated from other institutions. The passage of the 2050 Rules for Organization and Academic Administration has reconstructed it.

The Executive Director oversees the CDC. There are two subject committees for the two required subjects: English and Nepali. The chairs of each subject committee are chosen from among the members of that subject. Each subject committee is in charge of updating, overseeing, and assessing the relevant curricula.

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