There are thousands of people who use public transportation to reach their destination for different purposes. Usually, people travel for work and sometimes it might be for meeting friends and families living in another part of the country or city. Public transportation is a daily need for many commuters in Australia as well and thus; it is necessary for them to know about the transportation services available to them then. It may be trains, buses or ferries. Sometimes, waiting seems to be boring, especially when you are in a hurry. Maybe that’s why Nic Maher wanted to build Tripview app which could be beneficial to many commuters.

What is Tripview (Tripviewlite)?

Tripview is an application that provides you information about your trips to certain places in Sydney and Melbourne. It provides public transport users with the access to information about timetables of trains, buses and ferries in their phone, with just a tap. The original version of Tripview was released on April 18, 2009. It has improved a lot since then, with new features, improvement of the system and fixing bugs in the application. Nic Maher along with several other software developers has worked with New South Wales government to build free as well as full version of Tripview.

Benefits of Tripview mobile app

Tripview has become an indispensable part of public service routine now. This application provides you different features to help you with your trip. If you need to make a trip to anywhere, it provides you with the information about services available to you and the time that you should be expecting them. It provides you full timetable viewer, a browseable one. Also, they get updated according to the real time. Tripview also supports services that only run on selected days, for e.g.: late night Fridays and Saturdays. You can also save your timetable data on your phone so that it becomes easier for you to use it the next time. You can scroll through arrival and departure times for the entire week. The application has been improved to provide the alert for delays as well. You can access the information wherever and whenever you want. Tripview uses GPS technology to transport the data. It has been making the lives of people easier, efficient and their trips smoother. If you are a denizen of Sydney or Melbourne and a user of public transport, TripviewLite is a must for you. As reported by the users, it is easy, fast and reliable as well.

Tripview app vs. TripviewLite app

As mentioned, there is a free version and a paid version. The free version is TripviewLite, and the paid version is a full version, Tripview. The features they possess are not that different. Only minimal features are extra in Tripview. So, if you want to check out first, you can use the lite version. Tripview is available both on iPhone and Android devices. The charge for paid versions slightly varies in these two. TripviewLite is free whereas Tripview costs 4.49$ in iPhone and 3.41$ in Android devices. With this extra expenditure, you can get extra features like saving your trips and organising them in folders which make it easier for you the next time you use the same trip. Also, platform numbers are supported. There are many advertisements you will have to face while using the lite version which you do not have to on Tripview. Except these, there aren’t any other differences, and Tripviewlite is as functional as Tripview. You can download any which is convenient to you.

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Download Tripview app free download

To download the app, you can go to Google play store on Android devices and App store in iPhones. There, your search for the application by typing its name. After the app comes, you have to tap on it and install it. The progress of installation is shown in the notification bar. After installation, you can use the application. There are more than million people who have downloaded this app, and it seems they are continuing to love it and making a full use of it.