Tribhuvan university (TU) is a public university in Kirtipur, Kathmandu. TU exam routine is published. Latest TU routine is updated on this page. TU was established in 1959. It is the first national institution of higher education in Nepal.

TU exam routine has been published by Office of the Controller of Examinations, Tribhuvan University.

TU Exam Routine for Management
TU Exam Routine for Humanities
TU Exam Routine for Science
TU Exam Routine for Law
TU Exam Routine for Education

In terms of enrollment, it is the ninth largest university in the world. Tribhuvan university has 60 constituent campuses and 1,084 affiliated colleges across the country. Since it is government financed, it is less expensive. It is one of the oldest and largest universities of Nepal.

The prime misister is the chancellor of this university. Vice-chancellor is the chief executive of the university.

There are 7049 professorial faculty and 5607 other faculty academic staffs and about 604,437 students. This university has got each and every faculty like it have science management, humanities, education or we can say there is no any faculty which are not taught by this university.

On January 8, 2013, the government of Nepal has principally agreed to declare Tribhuvan University as the Central University.

Tribhuvan university examination routine 2076 (updated today). Tribhuvan University, office of exam controller has published following routine today. The examination schedule has been updated in this page. Please check individual exam routine attached in this page.

Where is TU exam routine

Exam is valuable for all. TU regularly conducts its examination time to time in order to boost students and provide them a quality certificate in their hand. Get notified with TU Exam Routine from here. The procedure to check TU exam routine are as follows.

  • Go to any of the browser and open the website
  • After visiting this sites yo can see different options like home, about us, authorities, etc and so on.
  • You will find institutes and faculties there among them u can choose any faculty you belongs to
  • At the bottom of the institution or faculties page, you can see different respective link in which you have to click for which faculty you wants to visit.

For more information about TU exam routine, you can also visit our other pages. Our other pages provide more information about TU exam routine. It also gives latest exam routine.

TU Exam Routine for Bachelors level

TU exam routine is the process in which TU publishes the exam routine of different faculty like BBA,BIM, BSC csit, BBS, BA, BSW, BSC, BE, BIT and many others. For the evaluation of its students, TU conducts evaluation in different ways, among them, written examinations are one of the most important in Nepal.

The programs are mainly divided semester or yearly wise and at the end of each semester or year, there is a summative evaluation i.e. examination of the semester. Exams not only evaluate students but they also give them a reason to improve further. To make students prepared for the exams, routines are always a most essential things.

Depending on date of the exam going to be held, students can prepare according to the routine published. Thus if you know routine for your examination, you can prepare more for your study.

In order to know the exam routine, we can visit its official sites. In recent TU has publishes BA 2nd year routine, 3 year bsc 2nd year, LLB/BL 2nd year, 3 year b.Ed 2nd year, 3 years BBS 2nd year, for 4 years B.Ed 2nd year, 4 years B.Sc 2nd year, 4 years BBS 2nd year, BIM 2nd semester makeup exam routine and many other faculties.tu exam routine

TU 4 Yrs B.Ed. 3rd Year 2076 exam routine

Tribhuvan University has published exam routine for TU 4 Yrs B.Ed. 3rd Year 2076. Exam starts on Baishakh 28 2076 and ends on Jestha 9 2076.

TU 4 Yrs B.Ed. 3rd Year 2076

TU 4 Yrs BSc 3rd Year 2076 exam routine

Tribhuvan University has published exam routine for 4 years BSc 3 year 2076. You can download exam routine from this page. Exam starts from baishakh 28 and ends on Jestha 29.

Date: 2076/01/28
Subjects: Phy.301, Bot.301 (Compulsory)

Date: 2076/01/31
Subjects: CHEM.303 ( Elective )

Date: 2076/02/02
Subjects: RM.305 Research Methodology

Date: 2076/02/04
Subjects: CHEM.301 (Compulsory)

Date: 2076/02/07
Subjects: MET.302, GEO.303 (Elective)

Date: 2076/02/09
Subjects: Math301, Zoo.301 (Compulsory)

Date: 2076/02/10
Subjects: Phy.304, Bot.303 (Elective)

Date: 2076/02/11
Subjects: Env.301 (Compulsory)

Date: 2076/02/13
Subjects: Math303, Zoo.303 (Elective)

Date: 2076/02/14
Subjects: Env.303 (Elective)

Date: 2076/02/16

Subjects: Math-302

Date: 2076/02/17
Subjects: MET.303, GEO.304 (Elective)

Date: 2076/02/18
Subjects: Phy.305, Bot.304 (Elective)

Date: 2076/02/20
Subjects: Env.-304 (Elective)

Date: 2076/02/21
Subjects: MET.301, GEO.301 (Compulsory)

Date: 2076/02/22
Subjects: Stat.303, MB.302 (Elective)

Date: 2076/02/23
Subjects: Phy.304, Bot.303 (Elective)

Date: 2076/02/24
Subjects: CHEM.305 (Elective)

Date: 2076/02/25
Subjects: Math304, Zoo.304 (Elective)

Date: 2076/02/27

Subjects: Stat.304, MB.303 (Elective)

Date: 2076/02/29
Subjects: Stat.301, MB.301 (Compulsory)

TU 4 Yrs BBS 3rd year 2076 exam routine

Tribhuvan University has published exam routine for 4 years BBS 3rd year exam routine 2076. You can download exam routine from this page. The exam routine is as follows. The examination starts on Baisakh 30 2076 and ends on Jestha 8 2076.

2075/01/30-MGT.204 Business Law
2075/02/01-MGT.215 Fundamentals Financial Mgmt.
2075/02/03-MGT.217 Business Environment & Strategic Management
2075/02/06-MGT.218 Fundamentals of Taxation and Auditing
2075/02/08-MGT.219 Organizational Behavior

TU 3 Yrs BBS 3rd Year 2076 exam Routine

Tribhuvan University has published exam routine for TU 3 yrs BBS 3rd year 2076. Office of exam controller Tribhuvan University has published exam routine for BBS. You can download the exam routine from here. Exam starts on Jestha 11 and ends on Jestha 22.

Date: 2076-02-11
Subjects::Mgt.311-Account for Buss/Mgt.321-Corporate fin/Mgt331 Fun. Of Adv/ Mgt341 Fun.of Org.Bev/Mgt.351 Comp.Sys & prog

Date: 2076-02-14
Subjects: Mgt.314 Accounting for Financial Institutions/Mgt 324 Banking & ins./fundamentals of Service marketing 334/Mgt.344.Mgmt.of ind.Relatons/Mgt.354 Operation Research

 Date: 2076-02-17
Sectorial Area
Mgt.401 Tourism Mgt./Mgt.402 Rural Dev. & Cooperative Mgt./403 Hotel mgt./Mgt 404 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Mgt./Mgt.405 transport Mgt/Mgt.406 Project Mgt./Mt.407 Foreign Trade &Transit Mgt.

Date: 2076-02-20
Subjects:Mgt.312-Taxation in Nepal/Mgt.322 Fund.of Fin. Inst & Mkt./Mgt.332 distribution Mgt./Mgt.342 International Business/Mgt.352 management informati on System

Date: 2076-02-22
Subjects:Mgt.313 Aud/Mgt.323 Fund.of Invt./ Mgt.333 Fund.of Selling/Mgt.343 Fund.of Strategic Mgmt/Mgt.353 Productivity Mgmt

TU 3 years B.Ed exam routine 3rd year 2076

Tribhuvan university has published B.Ed exam routine of 3rd year 2076. This exam routine is of 3 years program of TU B.ed exam. Exam starts on Jestha 10 and ends on Ashar 1st. You can download the exam routine for TU 3 year 3rd year B.ed examination of 2076.

tu exam routine 2076 bed 3rd year

TU 3 Yrs BA 3rd year 2076 exam routine

Tribhuvan university has published examination routine of BA 3rd year for 3 years 2076. According to the examination routine, BA exam routine starts on Jestha 10 and ends on Ashar 1st. The examination starts from 1 and ends on 4pm.

tu ba exam routine 3rd year 2076

TU 3rd year BSc 3 years 2076 Exam Routine

Tribhuvan University has published examination routine for 3 years program of 3rd year 2076. You can check, download examination routine from this page for 2076. According to the examination schedule, examination is starting on Jestha 10 of 2076 and exam will end on Jestha 24 2076. You can download the exam routine from the image shown below. According to the examination schedule, examination starts at 1 and finishes at 4.

tu bsc exam routine 3year

TU Bachelor 3rd year exam routine 2076

TU 3rd year routine 2076 has been published by TU. BA 3rd year exam routine, BED 3rd year exam routine,BBS 3rd year exam routine, BSC 3rd year exam routine, BBS 3rd year exam routine has been published. LLB 3rd year exam routine has also been published.

TU is the largest university of Nepal having huge number of students. The reputation of TU in Nepal as well as abroad is high. This notice is for 3rd year bachelors students that their exam routine has been out. Students appearing examination can start for preparing their examination.

3rd year exam routine can be downloaded in pdf from here. You can download it from your computer or laptop or your mobile phone easily.  If you wish to go through BBS model question paper for year 2076, you can see or download your examination model question at BBS_3rd_Year_exam_question.

Exam routine for bachelor 3rd year will be updated on this page as soon as it is available. WapNepal regularly updates the latest exam routines for different universities.

We will update this page regularly with the latest TU exam routine 2076. Please stay connect through our page time to time.

TU B.Sc. CSIT Second Year Third Semester exam routine

Tribhuvan University exam routine for BSc.CSIT has been published. You can download examination routine from this page. Computer Architecture, Object Oriented Programming Language, Operating Systems, Numerical Method, Introduction to Management.

Exam starts on Jestha 4 2076 and ends on 2076 Jestha 16.

tu routine bsc csit

TU B.Sc. CSIT second year exam center notice

Tribhuvan University, office of Dean, exam department of balkhu, Kathmandu announces a notices for exam center of B.Sc.CSIT 2nd year. According to notice the exam helds on 2076/02/04. The university has allocate different centers for different colleges. We can know our centers from the notice given below. For detail description look the notice below.

TU Exam Routine for Masters level

Tribhuvan university (TU) exam routine 2076 has been out for all masters level of all faculties. TU MBA exam routine, TU MBS exam routine, TU MSC exam routine, TU MED exam routine, TU LLB exam routine is available here. This routine is the latest available routine published by Tribhuvan university.

  • Exam Schedule Published for MBM 4th Semester & MHM and MTTM 3rd Semester Regular Examination 2019; MHM, MTTM, MBM_routine.
  • Examination Schedule Published: BBA, BIM, BTTM, BBM, BHM and BPA 1st and 3rd Semester Regular Examination 2019; 1st and 3rd exam schedule.
  • Exam Center Published: Bachelor Level (BBA, BIM, BTTM, BHM, BPA and BBM) 1st and 3rd Semester Regular Examination 2019; Exam Center 2019.
  • Exam Schedule Published: MBS 2nd and 4th Semester Regular Examination 2019; MBS Routine 2019.
  • Model Question for BBS 3rd Year’s Business Law Subject; Business Law Model Question. is official website for science and technology TU. It publishes TU exam routine B.Sc, B.Tech, M.Sc, M. Tech. is official website for management faculty TU. It publishes TU exam routine BBA, BIM, BTTM, BBM, BHM and BPA. It also publishes TU result of MPA, MBS, MBA

TU Exam routine 2076 is regularly updated in this page. We request our visitors to regularly view this page to get updates on TU exam routine. You can also follow our exam routine through our official Facebook pages. If you get any problem on exam routine check, please leave a comment on the comment section below.

Masters level exam routine schedule 2076 has been published. Masters second year, Masters first year exam routine by Tribhuvan University.

Masters second year routine download and Masters first year routine download. TU M.ed second year exam schedule. Masters level exam centre. TU exam routine master second year 2076. Exam schedule of masters second year 2076.

Masters Exam time has been fixed from 12 pm onwards and will be completed by 4 pm in the evening.

TU Exam Routine 2076 Revised

TU exam routine has revised exam routine for 2076. This is an urgent notice for BS and BSC third year students.

tu exam routine revised

According the notice published, Socio/ Anthro – 314 subject of 3 years BA 3rd year is scheduled on Jestha 25, 2076 (June 8, 2019)

Phy – 304/ Bot – 303 (Elective) subject of 4 year BSc. 3rd Year is scheduled on Jestha 10, 2076 (May 24, 2019).

BBS BSC BED Exam routine

This is the full exam routine, full exam schedule for Tribhuvan University bachelors degree.

TU Bachelor Third Year Exam Routine