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Tribhuvan University which is named after King Tribhuvan is a public university that lies in Kathmandu and has the logo of blue and red hexagram. It is the oldest and largest university of Nepal. It was established in 1959 AD (2010 BS). It is located in Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal and spreads over an area of 154.77 hectares there. With more than 600 thousand students and more than 7000 professional faculties, this university has been providing higher education to its students at an affordable rate. The rate is less expensive comparatively and thus, every year there is thousands of extra enrolment. Due to this fact, it turns out to be the 9th largest university in the world in terms of student enrolment. TU runs several faculties and publishes TU routine for an exam in a timely manner. Many students wait for Tribhuvan University exam routine and we have described the complete process to check TU exam routine.

tu routine

tu routine

Tribhuvan University is the non-profit making autonomous institution that is governmentally funded and this explains the reason for its rate to be cheaper. Traditionally, education was privileged only to elites but now this scenario has changed. The grip of importance of education has become stronger and more students want to pursue higher education to make their career. Due to large number of students enrolling the campus of Tribhuvan University was not just enough. Thus at present, it possesses 60 constituent campuses and 1084 affiliated colleges.

The academics of TU are divided into different programs in Certificate, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level. These programs are divided into institutions and faculties. It consists of 5 technical institutes and 4 general faculties providing 1079 bachelor level courses and 1000 Master levels. The certificate level of proficiency is only providing in nursing.

The decision making in TU is undertaken by 5 councils. These councils subsume University council, Executive Council, Academic Council, Research Coordination Council and Planning Council. These all provide their decision in their respective fields. The supreme decision is given by University Council.

TU Routine Tribhuvan University exam routine

For the evaluation of its students, TU conducts evaluation in different ways. Among them, written examinations are one of the most important in Nepal from long ago. The programs are mainly divided semester wise and at the end of each semester, there is a summative evaluation i.e. examination of the semester. Exams not only evaluate students but they also give them a reason to improve further. To make students prepared for the exams, routines are always a must. Depending on date of the exam going to be held, students can prepare accordingly. Thus if you know routine for your examination, you can prepare more for study. The official website of TU is www.tribhuvan-university.edu.np.  You can check your TU routine on this website which is updated regularly. Routines are endorsed at least a week before the examination date. Follow the following steps to download TU routine.

Step by step process to download TU routine

Tribhuvan University Exam routine

Tribhuvan University Exam routine

  • Go to your browser and open the website trubhuvan-university.edu.np.
  • There, under the name of university, you can see different options like home, about us, authorities etc.
  • You can also see institutes and faculties there. Institutes consist of Institute of Agriculture and Animal sciences, Institute of Medicine, Institute of Engineering, Institute of Science and Technology and Institute of Forestry. Faculties consist of Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Management. You can hover over institutes and faculties and you can see these options.
  • Your program falls under any one of these faculties or institutes. You should know it yourself. For example, if you are studying MBBS, it falls under Institute of Medicine (IOM). So you would have to click in that option, i.e. IOM.
  • At the bottom of the institution or faculties page, you can see its respective link in which you have to click. If the link is not present, the websites are: iom.edu.np, www.ioe.edu.np, www.iof.edu.np, www.tuiost.edu.np and www.iaas.edu.np. You can see that these websites start with initials of respective institutions. For faculties, websites are www.tufohss.edu.np, www.fol.edu.np, www.fomecd.edu.np and www.tufoe.edu.np.
  • You have to go to the respective website. In the particular website, you can find your routines if published in the Notice section. In case of IOST, it can be found in the section of latest news and events.  “Notice” option can be seen in the home screen itself.

However, you have to check it regularly. It is updated timely. I don’t think there is anything to notify you immediately or right away like an application. But, you don’t have to worry. As soon as the routine is out, you will be updated via your college as well. Also, you can find it in the notice board of your college.