With development in different sectors in Technology, the TV broadcasting service is also growing every day in the country. The evolution of television industry has been quite remarkable in Nepal.. Previously when there were only FM stations the first television channel was started in January 1985 and was named Nepal Television. After years of monopoly of this government owned channel, other channels from private sectors also started their service. Number of TV channel grew as the interest of people grew and television industry became a big industry. Initially, every television channel in Nepal was broadcasted over the air but, today cable and satellite providers directly broadcast almost all the channels.

Top 10 TV Channel in Nepal

Today, Nepal has more than 40 channels. However, it s tough for Nepali channels to grow when there are so many Indian channels that broadcast in Nepal. Most of Nepali prefer Indian entertainment channels to Nepali Entertainment channels. But the audience of news channels in Nepal are growing rapidly and will continue to grow forever. So today on our top 10 list most of news channels occupy the place.

  1. Nepal Television

It is the oldest and most watched government owned TV channel in Nepal. The News broadcast of 8:00 pm is the channel’s most popular show. Even being the most popular channel it is blamed continuously for being a government mouthpiece and many reformations are demanded by its Audiences. Nepal Television also promotes tourism of Nepal. We have also listed Free Tourist Destination in Nepal.

Launch Date: December 31, 1983TV stations in Nepal with List of Top 10 TV Channel in Nepal

  1. Kantipur Television

It is quite popular among youths and is known as KTV. is a private television station. It is famous for talk shows, music shows and news broadcasting. It is private owned television station Kantipur with head office located in Tinkune.

Launch Date: July 2003

  1. Sagarmatha Television

Sagarmatha Television, is a first Nepali news channel established in July 2007.  It is popular among its viewers for prompt information delivery of current affairs in Nepal. With it’s reporters in all districts and overseas countries the television makes every effort to keep the viewers updated.

  1. ABC television

It is another news channel of Nepal, established in 2008. It is one of the most popular TV channel and broadcasts in Nepali language. The head quarter is in Kathmandu.

  1. AP1 HD

It is a television channel based in Kathmandu, Nepal owned by AP One Media Pvt. Ltd. It is the first and only HD channel of Nepal. Launched on March 31, 2020 it became quite popular after bringing international franchise show Nepal idol.

  1. News 24 Television

It is the premium news channel in Nepal owned by Nepal Broadcasting Channel Pvt.Ltd (NBC). News24 broadcasts 24 hrs. per day and is popular for fast and credible news delivery. Launch date: 2010.

  1. Avenues TV

It is one of the most popular and trending news channel in Nepal launched on July 16, 2007. Its signals are available with a receiver in 56 countries. The unique and informal way in news delivery is what makes this channel famous. Avenues television presents sensitive issues throughout the country and abroad.

  1. Image channel

It is private television channel in Nepal owned by Image Group of Companies, which also runs FM station. It has been broadcasting several kinds of news programs, talk shows and entertainment shows, since its launch on 25 January 1997.

  1. Nepal1 Television

is the first Nepali language Satellite Channel broadcasting from India. It is primarily focused towards Nepalese community residing outside Nepal in North Bengal, Sikkim and North Eastern States in India, the whole of Myanmar, Singapore and Malaysia, right up to Hong Kong.

Launch Date: January 2009

  1. TV filmy

It is Kathmandu based entertainment channel that broadcasts music programs, films, talk shows. It is primarily focused to Nepali film industry and works to provide latest update on industry to its viewers.

Launch Date: 31 August, 2010

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