UBER- What does Uber mean? Simply put, it is a company that provides on-demand car service. Uber is a privately held company based on transportation technology. First founded in 2009 March, this American worldwide transportation system has its headquarters in San Francisco, America. It has been developed with the view to provide easy transportation services to people worldwide. Since its development, it has shaken up the taxi industry and UBER is now providing its services to 66 countries in the world. Uber Australia has been a great easy service for residents of Australia.

Uber Australia in different states

Uber is providing transportation services to its consumers in Australia as well. Uber has been legalised in the majority of the states and territories in Australia. The first territory to establish and legalise Uber in Australia was Australian Capital Territory. Uber was legalised in ACT in October 2015. Until now, it has been legalised in New South Wales, Southern Australia, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. In Tasmania, the legalisation of Uber is tabled in the parliament but has not been passed. It will be taken into consideration after the election in 2017.Uber is illegal in Northern Territory of Australia.

uber australia

uber australia

Uber is a tech platform which has been providing on-demand car services to its consumers requesting it. To be able to use this service, you need to make an Uber account either through its website “www.uber.com.au” or you can sign up by installing the application in your smartphone (iPhone or android devices).

How to make a Uber Australia Account?

While making the account, you should provide your first name and last name. The first name will be provided to the drivers for recognition of the consumers whereas the last name is not provided to them. Also, you should provide your phone number and you also need a valid credit card or PayPal account. This is because you will not have to pay the fare directly to the uber drivers. The amount will be deducted from your account. Do read all the terms and conditions before signing up.

Once you have created your account and you need to use the service, you have to open the application in your cellphone and then enter your destination. You will also be given the option of choosing vehicle types like uberpool, uberX, Select, Black, XL, SUV, ASSIST and WAV. The fare differs according to the types of the vehicles and these are mentioned in the app as well. The fare may differ according to the current traffic and surge pricing. After you have taken a decision about your options, confirm the location as the uber driver will come to pick you up at the location of your smartphone. You will be taken to your destination. After this, don’t forget to rate the service provided to you.

Uber Australia advantages

Uber has been beneficial to the consumers as it provides the easiest way around. One tap on the phone and the car comes to you. The driver also knows the destination already and your payment is done through your account.  The rides have been considered safe and affordable. However, in some peak times like Christmas, New Year, there may be a surge in the price. Uber has also helped to minimise the rate of drunk driving to a certain extent.

In addition to this, Uber has been providing opportunities for making money to many people as well. If you are thinking of making extra money, Uber provides you part time jobs as well as the full-time jobs. The drivers in Uber are considered as independent contractors. To become one, you have to sign up as Uber driver. The earning of Uber driver is a contentious issue, but in Australia, the average income of Uber driver is seen to be 35$ to 40$ per hour. To continue driving as a Uber driver, one needs to maintain an average star rating which is minimum for their city. In Melbourne, the figure is 4.6. The potential drivers have to undergo through background and medical check up. The drivers nearest to the consumers requesting the Uber service are sent to the respective location. Uber utilises dispatch software to do so. The Uber company has policies that protect passengers in case of accidents. Uber has also little advantages in traffic control as people needing a car are using Uber and they regularly postpone their desire to Buy car in Australia.

Uber app download

You can download Uber app on your smartphone to start using Uber. You can download from Uber Apple store and Uber Google Play store.

uber app download google play store

uber app download google play store

uber app download apple store

uber app download apple store





However, Uber has been an ongoing subject of dispute and is not exempt from criticism. There have been occurrences of protests from taxi drivers, taxi companies and government bodies from around the world. Rift is created on the subject that Uber presents unfair competition to taxi company by not paying taxes, the drivers are untrained, and the passengers’ life may be in jeopardy at times. Uber has been involved in a dispute with the government of Australia too.

As such, though Uber has been providing services through a Uber smartphone application, the payment is cashless, the general standard of cleanliness of vehicles is praiseworthy, Uber is not exempt of criticisms as well. Considering that, one must be alert while using these services.