UN stands for United Nations mission. UN Nepal has several bodies like UNMIN, UNHCR, United Nations Mission Nepal. It is one of the INGO which is formed in order to help the needy people or to help people to come out of problems. This organization also helps in development of the developing country like Nepal. It is one of the part of United Nations security. It is a special political mission in support of peace process in Nepal.

It was established by security Council Resolution on 23 January 2007. It is UN’s largest operational mission as well as it is one of the monitoring type of organization.  Karin landgren is the head of this organization. There was  Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed on 21 November, 2006 between the Government of Nepal and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) at the end of the Nepalese Civil War,  and after then the United Nations received a request for assistance, and established the political mission United Nations Mission in Nepal to monitor the disarmament of Maoist rebels and the preparations for Constituent Assembly elections in 2007.

During Nepali civil war  occurs  since 1996 many people were killed, the conflict was between Maoist force combat called people liberation army or we can say PLA  and police but after about 2 years of fighting the king brought in the Nepal army. Both parties committed serious breaches of what we call international law leading to about 30,000 death and many injured.

Maoist captured about 70% land and they have many conditions for peace agreement. So after  while all parties made a request UN asking for support to the peace progress in country. In short at first UN-Min task was ­­­­to assist in the recording of weapons belonging to both the PLA and the Nepal Army. In order to maintain peace and progress in the country  UNMIN has played an important role.

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This organization have organized many programs related to different fields.  This organization has been established with the aim to give awareness to the people as well as try to solve there problems as we already discussed before too.

United Nations programs on HIV/AIDS  as this organization has conducted programs against HIV/AIDS which is to give awareness to the people about HIV virus how it is infected or how its transfer from one person to another or other and how to  prevent from such diseases. They conduct training or awareness program for the people.

UNHCR as it organize programs in order to solve problems of refugees The workplace is commanded to guide and co-ordinate international action to secure exiles and resolve stateless person problems around the world.

Its main role is to protect the rights and prosperity of exiles. It endeavors to ensure that everyone will observe the privilege to appear for shelter and see safe asylum in another State, with the choice to come back home purposely, incorporate domestically or to locate in a very third nation. UNICEF are responsible for welfare of children . they try to figure out the youngster. They work for sustaining and watching over kids are the foundations of human advance.

UN helps in many others field as it helps in the development field of the country. Not only this they are recruiting Nepalese army for security  purpose in different countries like Haiti, Congo and so on  as peace force. Not only this UN has helped in many others factor in order to maintain peace and security in the country.