UNFPA- United Nations Population Fund has published a notice regarding vacancies. The organization UNFPA country office in Nepal is seeking qualified applicants.

Notice Date: Last updated Nov 30, 2022

The United Nations agency for sexual and reproductive health is known as UNFPA. Their objective is to deliver a world where pregnancy is desired, birth is safe, and young people’s potential is realized.

UNFPA job opening

Details about a job in UNFPA

The Programme Analyst, Family Planning/RHCS, responsibilities include managing and overseeing the program operations supported by UNFPA Supply Allocations for Nepal. They will work closely with other UNFPA staff members on the Reproductive Health team, including relevant sub-national office employees, the Family Welfare Division, the Logistic Management Unit, and other relevant Divisions/Centers of the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) at the federal level, as well as with relevant I/NGOs, UN agencies, and implementing partners.

Criteria for the job at UNFPA

  • A master’s degree in a subject matter that is pertinent, such as social science, procurement, supply chain management, or public health.
  • A thorough knowledge of supply chain management (SCM), encompassing information systems for forecasting, distribution, warehousing, and logistics (LIS).
  • Experience in the health sector with considerable supply chain management and public procurement is preferred.
  • We are collaborating with partners in the public and private sectors at the national and sub-national levels.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills and the ability to write clear reports. Good skills and knowledge in computing.
  • Strong analytical skills, the ability to manage complexity and various local contexts, effectively interact with multiple stakeholders and program initiatives, and knowledge of creating decentralized health systems.
  • At least two years of professional experience managing health programs and working with public health systems, particularly in FP & RHCS. This experience should include direct experience with planning, programming, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of health programs.
  • The interested candidates must have fluent in English and Nepali.


The UNFPA has established an electronic application management system. Candidates may create a candidate profile that can often be updated and submitted for various job positions. The full job description for the post is available at https://nepal.unfpa.org/en/vacanciess. And only online applications submitted through this URL will be taken into consideration.

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