University in Nepal, commonly named as TU (Tribhuvan University), KU (Kathmandu University), PU (Pokhara University), PU (Purbanchal University), NSU (Nepal Sanskrit University), MU (Mid Western University), FU (Far-western University) are seven universities in Nepal which are working for the quality education system in Nepal. There are lots of drawbacks in different universities in Nepal.

University in Nepal

university in nepal

TU (Tribhuvan University) Drawbacks

Tribhuvan University is the oldest university of Nepal and has lots of affiliated colleges spread all over the country. TU has ranked as 7702 in world rank. Although Tribhuvan University had lots of drawbacks before, it has almost solved its drawbacks. Previously, irregularity in examination, irregularity in semester examination system, irregularity in yearly examination system, irregularity in result publishment were top drawback of university. In comparison to past, TU has almost improved a lot. Semester are ending on time. Examination are held on time. Result is published on time. TU has removed its diploma courses like ISC, I.Ed, I.Com and improved its standard.

KU (Kathmandu University) Drawbacks

Kathmandu University is ranked as 4875 in world rank. Kathmandu University has limited number of affiliated colleges which has made university easier to maintain quality in education system. Kathmandu University central university is located at Dhulikhel which is around 17 km away from Kathmandu city. Kathmandu University has no drawback with it. University has run several streams and programs for students.

PU (Pokhara University) Drawbacks

Pokhara University is ranked as 11067 in world rank. The rank of university is decreasing day by day due to several reasons. Irregularity in examination, long semester are main drawback of the university. Students learning over there tells, the six month semester has extended up to 9 months due to the university. Students adds the result is published after 4 to 5 months of examination date. Pokhara University central college is located at Lekhnath, Pokhara which has lots of affiliated colleges which are organizing management, engineering, nursing, Bph programs all over the country.

PU (Purbanchal University) Drawbacks

Purbanchal University is ranked 18948 in world rank. Purbanchal University has faced the problems similar to Pokhara University since lots of years. Last year, Dean, Exam controller, Vice Chancellor were imprisoned on the case of corruption in Purbanchal University. Purbanchal University has lots of problems like over lengthy semester, untimely examination. Purbanchal University is located at Biratnagar.

Nepal Sanskrit University, Mid Western University, Far Western University are newly established university in Nepal.