The University of Sydney is a public research university in Sydney, Australia. It was the oldest University in Australia that was founded in 1850. This university is the second largest in Australia is a member of the prestigious university in Australia. It has over 45,182 over students and has 5,921 staffs working in the university. The students of NSW (New South Wales) who are from school leavers had a high demand wanting to go to USYD (University of Sydney). USYD also offer financial support and merit scholarships for undergraduate students in need. There are excellent University of Sydney reviews by students and graduates. In 2006, USYD was also recorded to be most generous scheme in NSW for providing over $6.5 million for students.

Well, this is what the introduction and the history of USYD, but you never know what is actually behind the door. So here are honest reviews that we researched and also from the students who are studying or are post graduate students.

University of Sydney Reviews

First, the university itself has a twist of both modern and historical building. It is located in a really beautiful environment and has many gardens, old sandstone building and a huge ground. The teacher-student relation was said to be so very strong and most importantly was the huge range varieties and diversity of subjects that an individual will be sure to find something that you be their cup of tea and the subjects are specific.

Jason B. Commerce says: “The size of the university, ease of access via a wide means of transport, the social life, the old-school buildings that make good photo opportunities, diverse range of people. Great reputation in the workplace.”

university of sydney reviews

The academic seems to be very well, and courses had a significant number of core units which give an adequate amount of knowledge that a student needs to complete the degree. But, the downside is that the timetable is not flexible at all. The timetable that’s given, you also can choose either a day off or 2*5 hour period. But can choose to either go to the timetabling room in the first week of a semester or also can see a list of available classes and click to enrol in that particular time slot on a first come, first serve basis. The class size seems to be just fine, and also the teachers are excellent teachers and students finds the class to be interesting and very helping, lectures are said to be of very high quality, although the study material might be quite expensive, it is not always vital for the completion of the course.

University of Sydney reviews, University of Sydney ranking

According to, University of Sydney was on 46 in world rank 2016, 45 in world rank 2015 and 37 in world rank 2014.

Because USYD is one of the most prestigious University and has this huge reputation, the students are gifted with a lot of opportunities and priorities when it comes to job perspective. Students of USYD is said to have more advantage than other universities. The facilities also seem to be great, no brainer the library is one of the best library and everything you ever wished a library to be. The Wi-Fi network is UniSydney where students need to use their UniKey and password to connect. The University of Sydney has reasonable good computer software and or technologies. The sports facilities seem to be incredible according to the students; they have tennis, swimming pool, squash and gyms.

Kujah B. Arts / B. Law Says:Range of clubs is immense, and caters for a wide variety of passions and interests – sports, languages, philosophy, gaming, descent, areas of interest, UN, humanitarian services. Parties – Fantastic. Excellent social atmosphere/environment all round.”

There were lots of university of Sydney reviews which were good, but many students were complaining about the housings and food over there. There are large varieties of food found and also offer vegetarian and healthy diets, same goes to housing, they have pretty decent housing available, and both accommodation and food give student discounts. But that said, it is still very expensive. If you’re living on your own, it can be quite expensive. Students go west for cheaper rents, says has more affordable groceries and also cheap transportation. And for food students go to new towns which are famous amongst the student for cheap and yummy food also Thai food are said to be extremely affordable and is very delicious, and the amount the get for that price was such a great deal.

The overall reviews were great. But you just cannot win it all, so most of the complaints were about how expensive it was, also keeping this in mind that it is a very prestigious university. And the food and housing were said to be quite expensive for the students even if the discount were allowed. Parking was said to be not sufficient also the timetable was rigid. Students also complained about poor quality found in the faculties and administrative.

So, this is a brutally honest review about USYD. Remember it’s not always rainbows and the sunshine all the time. There is always a flaw in even a masterpiece. So be wise and choose and understand yourself if it’s worth it or not.