The University of Wollongong is an Australian Public research university that is located in Wollongong, NSW.  The University of Wollongong reviews made by different people is extremely surprising. UOW is gaining its popularity and is becoming big day by day. It is one of the most leading university of Australia with an excellent reputation for International Students. It also ranks top 2% of universities in the world. This university assures you many things but is that really up to the vibe? We will find out with this review if it’s what it claims to be.

UOW has 60% of good reviews. There are many surveys done where the University of Wollongong reviews can be extracted. And most of them are pretty good. UOW was founded in 1951, located in the coastal city of Wollongong. This University has grown a feeder college with 300 students, with a student of over 24,000. It has 1,600 staff of which 760 are academic staff. There are students all around 70 countries, and 30% of its student mass are international students.

This University is said to have a very strong bond between teacher and student, not just academic related but also other reasons.

university of Wollongong reviews

University of Wollongong Reviews UOW.EDU.AU reviews

Jess Engineering (Electrical):One of the best things would have to be the support available to students with uni-related and non-uni-related matters.

And here is the review of a person that proves the peeps of being in a multicultural environment.

Caitlin B.Science (Nanotechnology) Says:large variety of cultures, and genres, if you would call it that, of people. Most very friendly and have many a time struck up a convo with a complete stranger while waiting for class. Most very willing to help out as well.

The best thing is its location and its architecture, and charming environment. It had a beautiful duck pond, lots of trees and grass and is one of the most beautiful Universities and also has cafes to take a break and get something to drink. UOW is said to have best facilities with no complaints. Amazingly this UOW has a gym that’s pretty reasonable and what has most of the students talking about is their Wi-Fi connection. And the food is great as well with large varieties of options. You can make your food and also have Shushi and also includes bar foods, snacks and a restaurant that gives a student discount. Hence, we can conclude that University of Wollongong reviews by its students and graduates are perfect.

Now, let’s talk about the main goal, i.e. academic and job prospects.  Apparently, UOW has an excellent relationship between teacher and students. There are said to be also many international teachers too. University of Wollongong reviews on the basis of an academic environment is also excellent.

Jess B. Engineering (Electric) says:Most lecturers are beyond helpful. They will go out of their way to help you understand a particular aspect of the course. However, the language in my course is an issue. With many lecturers being originally from overseas, understanding what they’re saying is hard at times, which makes an already difficult course even more so. But I understand that we must get used to this as the industry we will be working in after graduating is much the same.”

But it’s not always rainbow and the sunshine, there are few cons about UOW. According to the reviews, the most problem that people had was parking. The parking is tough and is not adequate. All the students seem to have a hard time parking. And also the housing is also said to be expensive. Students claim that after a while it can get costly to live there so normally students live outside the university, and the job is hard to find in the University and its surroundings.

Keithlyn B.Laws says:The worst thing about UOW is, without a doubt, the parking. We mainly have parking issues at the beginning of sessions. Luckily, Wollongong has a good public transport system.

University of Wollongong Reviews, UOW Ranking

According to UOW, UOW ranking is good in comparison to many other universities in Australia. TimesHigher ranks UOW in 251, QS ranks UOW on 218 worldwide. Overall University of Wollongong ranking in Australia is 12.

The overall reviews seem to excellent when it comes to academic, social life and facilities but lack a bit when it comes to housing and parking. Here are the honest reviews hope this helped you.