Lok Sewa Aayog in Karnali Pradesh has announced Vacancies for 4th-level Technical, Non-Technical, and Health Positions. Karnali Province Birendnagar, Surkhet, and the Public Service Commission published a notice regarding vacancies available for various posts.

Notice Date: Jan 24, 2023

The publication of this notice is required under the Lok Sewa Aayogand Local Government Act to fill the previous posts for promotion. This notice has been released to inform the public about the inclusive, open, and competitive written examination for non-technical/technical positions in the various service groups at the fourth level of the Provincial Civil Service & Local Government Service.

Vacancy for 4th level Technical, Non-Technical, and Health Position at Lok Sewa Aayog in Karnali Pradesh

More about Vacancy for 4th level Technical, Non-Technical, and Health Positions at Lok Sewa Aayog in Karnali Pradesh

The notice says,” According to the provision in Section 12 of the Staff Adjustment Act, 2075, the Karnali Province government and its subordinate agencies and various local levels of Karnali Province have determined the percentage of the number of requests received from the related agencies for the filling of vacant positions. Q. And the details of the number of posts to be filled by promotion have been kept on the Commission’s website https://ppsc.karnali.gov.np/.

This notification has been published for all information, including the procedure for filling up the posts for promotion under the local civil service and local service laws.” The Staff Adjustment Act of 2075, Section 12, should be followed when filling open positions under the control of the Lok Sewa Aayog. Applicants that fit the following criteria are encouraged to apply.

Mode of Application:-
All the advertised posts have to be submitted through the online system only. Detailed information regarding the method/method of applying online can be seen at https://ppsc.karnali.gov.np.

Documents to be uploaded:

Candidates must upload the documents specified in the relevant advertisement, including educational qualification, training, experience, and business permit (Council) certificate, in a pdf/jpg file in the designated place of the online application system. All candidates must scan the front part of their citizenship certificate and upload it in a pdf/jpg file. The candidate should be fully responsible for the details mentioned in the application.

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