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Valentine’s day is around the corner and love birds are already very excited about it for sure. The trend of celebrating Valentine’s Day in Nepal is rising every year. It is result of modernization and westernization and personally, I feel there is nothing wrong about this. It is known as Pranaya Diwas in Nepal. After all it’s the time when you can how much you love and care for each other. With time, celebration of valentine’s day is being taken very positively in Nepal as well. So no worries, you can just chill and spend some quality time without being judged.  It is no doubt the best day for all the lovers out there. This trend came from western culture but in Nepal as well it has been creating quite a buzz for few years. As I said earlier It is a festival for people to express and celebrate their love.

 Beginning of Valentines

Valentine may be the day of love but it definitely didn’t have the sweetest beginning. The name is adopted after early Christian martyr named valentines. The valentine day, we celebrate today is for the honor of Valentine of  Rome and Valentine of Terni. Valentine of Rome was a priest and was buried after death. And valentine of Terni was also a priest. The day is marked in honor of these two martyrs. Later on it was Shakespeare who give this thing a romantic twist while in real it is just a tragedy in his creations. Shakespeare is the reason how valentines is marked day of love these days .

Since you must be wondering how you can make this day special then this article is definitely right thing for you. I will be listing few places and exciting things you could do for this valentine.

  Things to do in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is definitely a best pace to celebrate Valentine. If you happen to be around Kathmandu in Valentines then there are great ways you can make your day special. Well Kathmandu has a lot to offer for you love birds. Kathmandu has the all kind variety of adventures you can take on in valentine’s day. There are quiet decent places you can take your girl or take her to a loud club. See her moves and show her some of yours maybe.

If you are from out of valley but want to celebrate her in Kathmandu then you can stay in some of this hotels as in Hyatt Regency, Soaltee crown Plaza, Hotel Annapurna, Hotel Shangrila . They may be quite heavy for your pocket but yeah everything is worth it for your darling ,right ? So make your girl feel special with a nice dinner. Take her to her favorite restaurant and let her enjoy the food while you get lost in her eyes.

   Make plans for Nagarkot

When we talk about romantic places there is no way we forgot Nagarkot. Situated only a few kilometers away from Kathmandu, Nagarkot has all that you need. Just go away from the crowd of city and enjoy some privacy. It is a hill station situated only 30 kilometers away from Kathmandu . You could watch sunrise, the spectacular view of mountains or roam around the beautiful place and just enjoy the hospitality of the best hotels there namely Club Himalaya, Nagarkot Resort and Hotel Mystic Mountain.

Take her out for dinner

Nothing is more romantic than a dinner in a subtle place. Personally an ideal date for me is the one with good food, good wine good and music. What else can be the best way to express your love than food ? There are many good restaurants around Kathmandu. Drawing on my own experience, Melrose restaurant and Bar in Thamel, Third eye restaurant in Thamel, The old house restaurant in Durbar marga and La Sherpa Restaurant are some of the best places . Take her to her favorite restaurant and let her enjoy the food while you get lost in her eyes.  

Travel to Godavari

Godawari is a small but very peaceful hill station situated near Kathmandu. It is best place for a quick romantic gateway. The dense forest, the picture perfect setting in the botanical garden is all that you need. You will even get some privacy. You can spend quality time together.The botanical garden is the main attraction there but the Naudhara,hilly tracks and the climate there. It is always very chilly but beautiful .

Go out for evening drink

 Kathmandu has so many varieties of clubs and pubs. It is not necessary that you drink only with your boys.  You can take your girl out as well. Take her out for a nice drink and talk with each other.  Mezze Roadhouse at Durbar Marg and Tom & Jerry Pub are the one of best lounge bars.  If you are one of those late night party animal there are Purple haze, Trisara and the copper floor.

 Yes, Kathmandu has it all but other places are no less. There are lovely place around Kathmandu. Nepal is complete in every way. I am listing some of the best places surrounding Kathmandu valley that would suit best for you and your love. Hundreds of name make it up to the list  but I am listing only few of them.


 Dhulikhel is just one and half hour ride from Kathmandu and yet can give you that isolated and romantic feel you also crave for. Once you are there it’s a different environment, great views of the mountain ranges Annapurna, Langtang and Everest will leave you mesmerized. Give a treat to your loved one with a trip to Dhulikhel. One of the best thing about Dhulikhel is that you can stay in local homestays and enjoy the warm hospitality.

A quick gateway to Pokhara

 How about a nice trip to Pokhara! The list of things that you can do on Pokhara can keep on going and going. Get on a boat ride with your darling in fewa lake or watch sunrise from Sarangkot. For the adventure lovers, paragliding is there as well. Jump off the cliff with love of your life but of course with parachute. To top it all, Pokhara has the best hotels to make stay even better.  Hotel orchid, Hotel Jalmahal, Hotel fishtail, Waterfront resort and Hotel dream Pokhara that offer the best hospitality.

So if you have good time this valentines then maybe I could get some credit. Make sure to comment what are your plans for this valentine and comment  how it go later on.