Valentines Day in Nepal called प्रेम दिवस in Nepali. Valentine’s Day is complimented on February 14 reliably. Valentine’s Day is an occasion for the couples or the people to express their veneration to each other or their friends and family. This day is applauded as a festival general even Nepal can’t escape it. The example of watching Valentine’s Day in Nepal is extending reliably with the thought of modernization and westernization getting the robust hold of the country. Known as Pranaya Diwas in Nepali, it is lauded with comparable intensity and fulfillment in Nepal as it is in distinctive parts of the world. Valentine’s Day is a Christian hallowed day, which is seen to recall a paragon of devotion named Valentine. Regardless, recently it has taken general character as “Love Day”

Especially in Valentine’s Day, the colloquialism valentine identifies with affection.

 valentines day in nepal

“From your valentine” is substituted for “From your Beloved” on the Valentine’s Day.

It is lauded as a day of imparting fondness for each other by gifting blooms, sweets and exchanging welcome cards.

Various adolescents are holding up amid the current day to come to put an alternate love proposal to his/her fondness.

The day is named after earlier Christian priest named Saint Valentine. It is said Valentine was a priest who declined to take after the law constrained by Roman Emperor Claudius II. The law was to stay youths single. The Emperor did this to add to his furnished power, tolerating that married men are awful for officers. The pastor Valentine opposed his law and secretly performed wedding administrations for young people. Right when Claudius found it out Valentine was caught and threw in the slammer and later killed off.

Valentine day is seen as picture of recognizing love and affection between private mates.

Front line Valentine’s Day pictures fuse the heart-shaped format, winged animals, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Cupid is Roman God of longing, worship and companionship. It is about Valentine’s Day when all is said in done. Right away we ought to see what people do in Valentine’s Day in Nepal.

How people watch Valentine’s Day in Nepal

Valentine’s Day is called Prem Diwas (प्रेम दिवस) or Pranaya Dwas (प्रणय दिवस) in Nepali. People in Nepal started watching Valentine’s Day from late 90s, when the worldwide media entered Nepal as TV stations. The headway of media, especially TV and Radio started in front of calendar 90s in South Asia.

People who are in schools and colleges generally praise this day with much venture. Diverse takes it as a nice restoring day as it comes. The greater part of the people in Nepal still see Valentine’s Day as a day for adolescents and kids.

In any case, now with the extend utilization of long range informal communication and web, people in Nepal started getting some vibe of Valentine’s Day and began to recall that its region. Regardless, there is no official celebration in the country. Valentine’s Day is not still prepared to make its celebration illustration as it is starting late remote it. It is at a kind of creating strategy.

There are TV shows on Valentine’s Day, day by day papers and magazines are stacked with Valentine’s news. Some valentine’s messages and wishes are similarly seen printed on Newspapers and Magazines. Few started giving wishes and welcome on Tvs too. Nevertheless, these activities are not imperative appeared differently in relation to diverse festivals in Nepal.

Couples are seen in the restaurants and in the parks. Garden of Dreams, Kakani, Chiyabari, Godawari, Balaju, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Sauraha, Pokhara, Manakamana are the spots passed by accomplices on and about Valentine’s Day. In any case, starting as of late, Valentine’s Day in Nepal is seen and commended just in urban groups and towns.

Valentine’s Day falls about the begin of explorer season and at the start of spring. Along these lines, in Pokhara and Thamel they have exceptional events to draw in explorer for Valentine’s Day. In a couple of spots, they have street shows and festivals for guests.

Valentine’s Day is incredible business day for Small lodgings in Nepal. Some couple do night out this day. Then again, the greater part of people adulate it home, with TVs, seeing the celebration of Valentine’s Day as far and wide as could be expected under the circumstances.

Valentine’s Day is key for those people, who are staying a long way from their family and loved ones. We Nepali have the “Karma” that we are working in outside territories, thousands miles a long way from our family and home.

With everything taken into account, the pattern of observing Valentine’s Day has expanded in Nepal and individuals have discovered a method for communicating their adoration to the friends and family in a nation which is said to be guided and united by the inclination of solidarity and affection among the assorted populace. This day can be an essential day for us to impart our adoration and consideration

New update:

Valentine’s Day is an occasion for the couples or the people to express their love to each other or the people they love. This day is celebrated as a festival worldwide even Nepal cannot escape it. The trend of celebrating Valentine’s Day in Nepal is increasing every year with the concept of modernization and westernization getting the strong hold of the country. Known as Pranaya Diwas in Nepali, it is celebrated with equal excitement and joy in Nepal as it is in other parts of the world.

The day meant for the couples to express their undying love to each other has also been commercialized with the hotels, cafes, discotheques and even shopping malls giving various offers and packages to the couples on this day. The entire city of Kathmandu is filled with the color of love on this day and even the weather turns out to be romantic (it had snowed in Kathmandu few years ago and that had happened after more than six decades). Not only Kathmandu, but most of the major cities of Nepal are filled with the color of love on this particular day. The gift shops are filled with teddies, cards and chocolates along with flower shops decorated with red roses for the occasion. Also the stores are decorated in such a way that even looking at it gives you the feeling of falling in love. This not just happens on the particular day but the cities turns in the mood of love as soon as February starts.