Tax is a charge usually of money imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes. vehicle tax is the tax imposed after buying some vehicles that have to be paid to the government on time.  If the vehicle is currently registered to you or your spouse or party to a civil union out-of-state, a tax is based on NADA clean trade-in book value and is due unless exempted. Vehicle tax is a little bit high in comparison to other countries. Different sorts of vehicles have different tax value and so on. some more information about vehicle tax in Nepal are as following.

vechiles tax 2076 in nepal-2079

Why is vehicle tax high in Nepal?

Nepal is one of the landlocked country, as well as it is one of the developing countries where each and every infrastructure are not soo well managed. As there is no proper scientific technology used in order to develop /introduced something new. In case of vehicle tax high, the country had to order the vehicles from other countries as vehicles are not developed in Nepal. Some of the reason is as follows;

  • We import maximum products from abroad as if government decrease tax rate then people start using more vehicles so that there is needed to import more products. If there are more vehicles on the road, it means we would  need more petroleum products to run those vehicles
  • Due to improper infrastructures if there are more vehicles, in Nepal there are small streets where a large number of vehicles if enter at the same time then it causes huge traffic on the roads.
  •  In Nepal, Auto-industry is not capable to contribute a large amount of taxes or different sorts of contributions. While foreign currency deposits will not create any rational economic benefit to the country so that nation will have to give up a majority to it.

Road tax for 2 wheelers (Bike, Scooters)

 Capacity of Engine         Total Amount of Tax

Up to 150cc                             15,000 Nepali Rupees

151cc to 250cc                       18,000 Nepali Rupees

251cc to 400cc                       50,000 Nepali Rupees

401cc and higher                    1, 80,000 Nepali Rupees

Annual Renewal Tax for the Two Wheels Vehicles 

Capacity of Engine      total Amount of tax 

Up to 125cc                           2,500 Nepali rupees

126cc to 250cc                       4,000 Nepali Rupees

251cc to 400cc                     8,000 Nepali Rupees

401cc and higher                 15,000 Nepali Rupees

Four Wheels Private Vehicles 

Capacity of Engine       total Amount of tax 

Up to 1000cc                            19,000 Nepali Rupees

1001cc to 1500cc                    21,000 Nepali Rupees

1501cc to 2000cc                    23,000 Nepali Rupees

2001cc to 2500cc                   32,000 Nepali Rupees

2501cc to 2900cc                     37,00 Nepali Rupees

Auto Rickshaw, Three Wheeler, Tempo, Tractors & Power Tiller


 Types  of vehicles                                               total Amount of tax 

Auto Rickshaw, Three Wheelers, and Tempo              5,000 Nepali Rupees

Tractor                                                                                4,000 Nepali Rupees

Power Tiller                                                                        3,000 Nepali Rupees

Tax Rate for Heavy Vehicles 

Category  of vehicle                                                         total Amount of tax 

Dozer, Excavator, Loader, Roller, Tipper, Crane                  35,000 Nepali Rupees

Mini-Tipper                                                                                   25,000 Nepali Rupees

Tax Rate for Buses Mini truck/Minibus                                  22,000 Nepali Rupees

Truck/Bus                                                                                       30,000 Nepali Rupees

Public Vehicles Tax Rates 

 Capacity  of Engine                             total Amount of tax 

Up to 1300cc                                        8,000 Nepali Rupees

1301cc to 2000cc                                  9,000 Nepali Rupees

2001cc to 2900cc                                 11,000 Nepali Rupees

2901cc to 4000cc                               13,000 Nepali Rupees

4001cc and higher                               15,000 Nepali Rupees