Vianet Communications Private Limited is one of the leading providers of internet connectivity in Nepal. It was established in 1999 and has always managed to stay in lead when it comes to providing internet and communications solutions. Their service is concentrated not only in Kathmandu valley but throughout the country. They often allure customers by bringing exciting Vianet offers. In the article, we have mentioned the latest Vianet offer that is currently active.

In 2011, Vianet Communications introduced Fiber Optics Internet or commonly known as FTTH internet service and has been successful in connecting the internet service throughout the Nation. The head office of vianet is in Jawalakhel, Kathmandu and there are ten branches in Kathmandu valley. Outside the valley, there are three branches in Biratnagar, Birgunj, and Butwal. For more information, you can visit the branches directly or visit the website.

Vianet offer Chha ma chha offer

One month offer: For the one month offer you get 18 Mbps internet for Rs 6900 which includes renewal charge Rs 1400, installation charge Rs 1500, FTTH cable Rs 1000, Fiber WiFi Router 1500 and a refundable deposit of RS 1500.

Three months offer: For the 3 months offer you get 18 Mbps internet at a cost of Rs 6550 that includes renewal charge of Rs 4050, FTTH cable Rs 500, Fiber Wifi router 500 and a refundable deposit of Rs 1500. The installation is free of cost.

Six months offer: In the six months offer, all the installation, FTTH, and WiFi router are free of cost so you just pay Rs 7500. The cost includes Rs 6000 renewal charge and a refundable deposit of Rs 1500. You also get 6 months of free Nettv with this offer.

Twelve months offer: With the twelve months offer you pay Rs 12,900 that include a renewal charge of Rs 11,400 and a refundable deposit of Rs 1500. The installation, FTTH cable, and WiFi router are free of cost. Above all, you get 12 months free of Net TV subscription.

You can also use eSewa to pay via net bills. See more to have verified eSewa Nepal | How to create eSewa Account, Verify and use?

Vianet offer Referral Scheme

With so many competitors around vianet is trying its best to take lead in the market. It has introduced a referral scheme which is a reward system designed for customers where Vianet’s Customers can earn reward points for referring vianet to their friends or family. To refer a client you first need to log in to your Customer Portal and select refer a friend option. Once you do that, you see a screen where you will have to enter your friend’s Contact details.

The referral works only when a customer confirms installation and makes their first payment. For every successful referral, you will get one month Bonus in your current account. The client you referred will also get 500 reward points for referral. Each reward point is equivalent to Rs 1. The referral scheme not only benefits customer but it also helps the vianet to increase customer access.

Vianet often introduces convincing Vianet offers for its customers on occasion of festivals. Stay updated with the web page ( and grab the best offer.

Internet has been very essential in our life. The Internet helps us to be in touch with people all around the world. It is a very good means of communication. Not only these days the internet has a very important role in your business and work. Many people work on the internet. It is also one of the good sources for studying and getting extra knowledge.

There are many Open universities who taught their students via the internet and you can get the degree as well. In the same way, if you are a student then the internet is essential for doing your assignment and for research purposes. The Internet provides knowledge about every topic that we study. It also gives us knowledge about the various topics of our interest. In this 21st century of technology, the internet has played a vital role in everyone’s life and especially in the young generation’s life.

Not only in other countries like Australia, America, and other developed countries but also in countries like ours which still developing also has the important role of the internet in developmental work.  There are different companies that provide internet services in Nepal. The telephone network provider NTC and Ncell also provide internet services. Apart from this, there are other companies that provide internet services are Worldlink, Subisu, Vianet and many more.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Vianet and its different offer that was given to its customer.

Vianet is an internet service provider in Nepal who has introduced IPTV for the first time in Nepal. Net TV is the first IPTV in Nepal that has the license of the government to use IPTV or netTV which provides the international class quality while watching movies or videos or any other TV show via internet.

Vianet network is an internet service provider that has various packages of internet services.  In the world of internet, the optical fiber internet is considered as the best connectivity as it delivers the highest quality and future-proof internet service.  

For getting the fiber optics internet Vianet has worked out for its customers at the minimal cost. For this, they have implemented the advanced optical fiber technology in order to minimize the equipment cost and cable cost. In the same way, they also have designed the deploying of the efficient fiber distribution network.

Well, they have also designed the services and packages which are suitable for home and offices. Vianet has introduced different packages for different groups of people. For the general people they have introduced:

ViaNet Home package

Vianet is an internet service provider that has offered various schemes for its customers. They have high-speed internet service called fiber net. In comparison to the speed, the cost they are charging are very minimal and are worth paying. So you can see the offer in the different packages and connect which one is good for you. If you are a business person and need the internet all the time then you can go for the business plan otherwise you can choose the home plan or SOHO plan depending on your need.

On the home plan, Vianet has offer fiber home extra value in which 18 Mbps unlimited internet is provided for a month only at Rs. 1400. For this, you need to pay a one-time charge of

Installation Rs. 1500

FTTH cable Rs. 1000

Refundable deposit Rs. 1500

Total will be Rs. 6900

In the same way, they also have a 3-month plan where they have to pay Rs. 4050

Apart from this one time charge will be

Installation free

FTTH cable Rs. 500

Fiber WIFI router Rs. 500

Refundable deposit Rs. 1500

Total will be Rs. 6550.

6-month pack. In this offer, they have to pay Rs 6000

With this, they have to make a one-time payment of

Installation Rs. free

FTTH cable Rs. free

Fiber WIFI router Rs. free

Refundable charge Rs.1500

Which make the total to be paid Rs. 7500.

The other plan is 12 month

In this one, they have to pay a monthly charge of Rs. 11400

With this one time payment includes the following

Installation free

FTTH cable free

Fiber WIFI router free

Refundable deposit Rs. 1500

This includes a total of Rs. 12,900. If you wish to get the 12-month plan then you also are provided by the NETTV free for 12 months.

ViaNet Business package

The other offer that is provided by the Vianet to its potential customer is that it also has a business package. This package is for those people who run their business. Once they get this package they will not have to face the slow internet and many other problems of the internet. Once you get the business package you will be able to boost your business with the unlimited internet. In the business package, they offer 100% end to end fiber optics internet for both small and medium business. In this, they have the 1mbps unlimited swift, 2 Mbps unlimited and unlimited 3 Mbps. Due to these, you can run your business without any hurdles.

ViaNet SOHO package

In the SOHO package, there are different deals that are offered by the Vianet. It includes 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a 12-month offer. In a month offer inside the SOHO package, you have to make a one-time payment of Rs. 5500 which includes FTTH cable for free, installation charge-free, ONU device rental charge Rs. 2500 and a refundable deposit of Rs. 2500. In this, the customer will get 5 Mbps unlimited internet for 1 month.

In the same way, there is a 3-month package in SOHO package which cost a one-time payment of

Rs.10,000 which include FTTH cable-free

Installation free

ONU device Rental Rs. 1000

And also a refundable deposit of Rs.2500.

Similarly, the 6-month package offer is also available in the SOHO package. In this package, one has to make a one-time payment of Rs. 17,100 which include

FTTH Cable-free

Installation free

ONU Device Rental Rs. 500

A refundable deposit of Rs. 2,500

The other offer that is available in the SOHO offer is a 12-month package. This package includes

FTTH Cable free

Installation Free

ONU Device Rental Free

And refundable deposit of Rs. 2,500

Which make total price of Rs.32,400

Apart from this, there is a charge of 13% vat in all the installation that is an additional charge.

ViaNet Referral offer

Similarly, other offers are been introduced from time to time. They have a customer referral Scheme introduced for the limited time period. In this offer, the existing customer can provide the information about the Vianet and its offer to the new people and if they connect the Vianet offer then that existing customer will be rewarded. To refer to the new people you need to use the Vianet app or customer portal.

In that, you need to enter the detail of your friend or anyone whom you are referring to the Vianet connection. Once the person you have referred to confirm the installation and make the first payment then you will be able to claim the reward.  This offer is valid only until the campaign is on. In the reward you will get the 1-month bonus in your internet connection but not the cash.