Nepal has a very liberal visa policy. All most citizens of all the countries are allowed to get a tourist visa on arrival and they can stay for a maximum of 150 days in one calendar year. However, the people of India do not need a visa to travel to Nepal. Since Nepal and India have a very close relationship from decades, people of both countries can move freely across borders without a passport or visa. They can even live, work and do business without any hustle.

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India and Nepal

Indians don’t need Visa for Nepal

Nepal and India had a bilateral treaty in 1950 to establish a close relationship between the two nations. It was named as the Indo-Nepal Treaty of peace and friendship. This treaty was signed by the last Rana Prime Minister of Nepal Mohan Shumsher Junga Bahadur Rana and Indian Ambassador to Nepal Chadreshwar Narayan Singh at Kathmandu dated on 31 July 1950.

The same day, the treaty came into force as per article 9 of the treaty. As per the article 6 and 7 of the treaty, it is clearly written that people of both countries can freely move across the borders, live in, own property and participate in the trade and commerce activities. There will be no objections to the nationality of both countries. This treaty has allowed free movement of people and goods between the two nations. Due to this bilateral treaty, Indian Citizens can freely travel in Nepal and so do the Nepali citizen in India.

Is Nepal visa required for Indian citizens?

Please read article 6 and 7 of the 1950 Bilateral Treaty between Nepal and India:


Article 6

Each Government undertakes, in token of the neighborly friendship between India and Nepal, to give to the nationals of the other, in its territory, national treatment with regard to participation in the industrial and economic development of such territory and to the grant of concessions and contracts, relating to such development.

Article 7

The Governments of India and Nepal agree to grant, on a reciprocal basis, to the nationals of one country in the territories of the other the same privileges in the matter of residence, ownership of property, participation in trade and commerce, movement and other privileges of a similar nature.

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India-Nepal Border

Why does Indian come to Nepal?

There are so many reasons that people from India come to Nepal. If we have to categorize them, the reasons are like these:

  1. Religious and Cultural activities
  2. As tourists
  3. Business purpose
  4. Educational purpose
  5. Employment

Things to carry while traveling in Nepal

Though Indians do not need a visa while traveling in Nepal but they do need to carry their identification documents acceptable while living in Nepal. These documents may be any of the following:

  1. Indian passport
  2. Indian driving license with photo
  3. Any identity card with photo issued by the government of India
  4. Ration card (Photo to be included)
  5. Voter ID (Photo to be included)
  6. Any registration certificate issued by the Indian embassy to Indian citizens living in Nepal.
  7. Any temporary card issued by Indian embassy at an emergency situation
  8. Any valid card with photograph issued by the Indian government
do we need visa for nepal from india

Nepal Visa Requirements for other nation

Are you interested to visit Nepal? Do you want to know how to get a visa to Nepal and What is the requirement to get a Tourist or Non-Tourist Visa to Nepal? Today we are providing you a basic visa consultancy about the requirement to get a Visa to Nepal.

Nepal Tourist Visa

1. Visa will be granted to the person who wants to visit Nepal.

2. The visa will be granted to a period of a maximum of 150 days in a year.

More Requirements at-

Nepal Non-Tourist Visa

1. Foreigners involved in the development work in Nepal and approved by Nepal Government.

2.  Citizens of Friendly Countries.

3.  Foreigners having a work permit to work in Nepal.

More Requirements can be found at-

Nepal Visa Rights

1. Nepal government has the power to grant or not to grant a visa to any foreigner.

2. Citizens of any friendly country can enter Nepal without Visa on the basis of reciprocity by Nepal Government.